Review: Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

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Review summary


  • 5 bladed reliable operation
  • 16-D pivoting head
  • More powerful motor
  • Gentle and comfortable performance
  • Auto shaving sensor technology
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wet/dry shaving monster


  • Traditional popup trimmer
  • New arc5 models are more expensive
  • Bulky head

Customer rating:

  • 4.4 out of 5 [total 650 reviews]

My rating:

  • Price:– 4 out of 5
  • Built Quality:- 4.5 out of 5
  • Performance:- 5 out of 5
  • Accessories:- 4.5 out of 5
  • Overall:- 4.5 out of 5




The viral name Panasonic arc5 refers to the most advanced shaving machine manufactured by the Japanese giant. The company produces electric shavers in 3 series (arc3, arc4, and arc5) according to cutting foils and the arc5 is their upmost creation. The Panasonic arc5 is not a new release that competing with Braun Series 9 for a decade. But the brand modifies the models and upgrades the shavers for more user convenience. The Panasonic ES-LV67 and ES-LV97 is the last modified worldwide release in the Panasonic arc 5 family.  The 5 bladed electric razors have made a viral wave to the grooming society with both positive and negative reactions though most of them are positive. So it’s really important to figure it out which reaction is trustworthy by thorough analyzing before selecting it for the purchase.

What’s in the box?

Before breaking things out, it’s important to know what the package comes with. Including the Panasonic arc5 premium shaver, the following extra items come with the package.

  • A leather travel bag
  • Cleaning brush
  • Appliance oil
  • Charging adapter
  • Foil protective cap
  • User manual

You will find the shaver in the leather bag stored safely with a foil protective cap.

Important: The Panasonic ES-LV97 model comes with an automatic cleaning and charging station and that’s why it charges little more. The cleaning and charging dock is the only difference between the ES-LV67 and ES-LV97. You will get a superb auto cleaning and charging facility with little more bucks in Panasonic ES-LV97-K.

Features and specifications

World’s only 5 bladed foil shaver:

Since a foil type shaver, it’s important to know how many foil blocks your shaver features. You know Panasonic entitle their shavers arc3, arc4, and arc5 in terms of foil counts where arc3 has 3 blades, arc4 has 4 blades and the arc5 features 5 blades. There are too many electric shavers on the market that feature 3 and 4 cutting blades. Certainly the Panasonic arc5 is the only electric shaver series in the world that belongs 5 blades together to provide maximum shaving efficiency. You might know the rival Braun series 9 advertises it features 5 shaving elements, but it’s not actual 5 cutting blades like Panasonic arc5. So, you can tell the Panasonic arc5 is the most advanced electric razor in the world in terms of cutting blades. On the other hand, the shaver is called shave monster for ultra close and flawless shaves in every stroke. Since the 5 blades work together to capture all kind of hairs and never spare a single hair, the operation becomes flawless and super smooth.

High-performance motor drive:

The power of an electric device is a must considering fact moreover while choosing an electric razor. If you are familiar with the Braun Series 9 9296cc shaver or the other Braun Series 9 shavers from that range, those come with an 8bit processor to provide very powerful performance. To defeat those series shavers, Panasonic upgraded their new arc5 shavers with extra power. The brand used Japanese high-performance linear motor that delivers ultra-fast performance for most efficient performance. Panasonic promises that the new arc5 shaver can provide 70,000 cross cutting actions per minute that makes the shaving process quicker and smoother. With this power, the device can handle any kind of hair even if super coarse. Don’t you think it’s powerful enough?

Intelligent shaving sensor:

Along with the super powerful motor, the manufacturer used an intelligent shaving sensor in the device. The shaving sensor reads beard density 220 times a second and adjusts the power upper to lower 14 times a second. Thus the device provides lower power while it’s thin beard and adequate power while it’s think and coarse to ensure balanced shave. If you are familiar with Braun Series 7 or Philips 9000 shavers, you know those come with manual adjusting buttons to select the power. This might be inconvenience for some users because manually selecting the proper power is really tough to understand which one suites your beard most. But the automatic sensor is too intelligent to select the best suite power to make the shave comfortable and efficient. The rival Braun series 9 and the mid-range Braun series 5 comes with this feature too.

World’s only 16-D pivoting head:

How flexible your current shaver’s head is? I bet you cannot find a 16 direction flex head on the market except Panasonic’s new arc5 shavers. The Panasonic ES-LV97 and ES-LV67 shavers come with a super flexible and world’s only 16 direction pivoting head that can follow any contour of your face, chin, jaw, neck and even on your hard to reach body parts. The flexible head ensures more gentle and comfortable glide over the skin with independent pivoting.

Wet/dry shaver:

There is no doubt for such kind of premium shaver to feature wet/dry shaving technology. If you are not previously experienced with the wet/dry feature; it means you can shave in wet atmosphere with water, shaving cream, foam or gel. You know every electric shaver is by default a dry shaver. However, most of the electric shavers that have been released nearly this year come with wet/dry feature. But the performance of all wet shaving razor are not identical. Although a wet/dry shaver, most of the shavers are not good at wet shaving result because it demands a powerful enough processor and advanced cutting capacity for a smooth result. Again the Panasonic arc5 comes with ultra-powerful motor drive that provides enough power to cut the wet hair effortlessly and do not spare any problem area even if you use the most condensed cream or gel. On the other hand, the device features Japanese most advanced Nano polished 30° precision honed blades that cuts flawlessly without any discrimination between dry and wet hair. As a result, the Panasonic arc5 is the greatest shaver for both wet and dry atmosphere.

100% waterproof device:

The high-end Panasonic shaver is 100% waterproof upto 5 meters and risk-free from any kind of water causing problems. So you can undoubtedly shave your beard in your shower time under the shower or in the bathtub. The waterproof shaving facility makes the cleaning process easier while not interested in using automatic cleaning dock and buy the Panasonic ES-LV67-K that does not come with the dock. Just detach the foil chamber and rinse the shaver thoroughly without any hassle.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery:

It’s important to focus on the battery while selecting a cordless electric device. The Panasonic arc5 comes with powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers 45 minutes of continuous cordless shaving. On the other hand it will take 1 hour to have a full charge. I don’t find any upgrade in the new arc5 shavers while the older ones also come with the identical battery. I think Panasonic should have improved the battery capacity while the rival Braun Series 9 comes with a bigger battery to provide 60 minute cordless performance. So, it could be a downside for some users who emphasizes the battery power most.

#Three minute quick charge

The arc5 offers 3 minute quick charge to have an urgent full shave while your shaver battery is fully drained. This is must be a great feature to defeat the rivals while no other device can give you a full shave with only 3 minute charge.

Popup trimmer:

All the premium electric shavers come with a precision trimmer to fulfill the shave with the final touch to the sideburns and mustache. The Panasonic arc5 features a popup precision trimmer behind the device to provide accomplished shaving results. The brand didn’t make much upgrade to the popup trimmer in newer arc5 models. But this built in trimmer is enough to make your perfect final touch and precise your mustache and sideburns easily.

Can you shape the beard in different sizes with the trimmer?

No, the trimmer is called precision trimmer. So, you can only make precision trimming to your sideburns, mustache and very thin hairs. But you cannot trim or shape your beard like the professional beard trimmers.

LED display:

Panasonic upgraded their LED display in their new generation arc5 shavers. The display shows battery remaining power status in 5 steps, charging status and travel lock status. But I think the older display was more user-friendly (my personal opinion) than the newer arc5.

The cleaning and charging dock:

The Panasonic ES-LV97 comes with a premium automatic cleaning and charging station. The dock automatically cleans and charges device and keeps ready for the next use hygienically. After a use, just put the head into the dock and press the power button to clean it automatically.

Replacement parts

All the electric shavers on the market need replacement of the head after a long use and The Panasonic arc5 also need to replace the shaving cassette. The manufacturer recommends replacing the foil blades and cassette after 18 months of use. I think the replacement does not depend on moth count. If you use the shaver very frequently, you may have to replace the foils before 18 months likewise if you use the shaver occasionally or twice/thrice a week, then it may last more than 18 months. The main point is, when your foils starts slower or dull performance, it means you need to replace the cassette. The cassette is available on Amazon and you can easily find them to replace. After a replacement, you will get the result like a new shaver.

When you buy the Panasonic ES-LV97, the shaver comes with automatic cleaning and charging station you know. You need to replace the cleaning detergent from the cleaning dock after consuming the included one. The cleaning detergents are also very available on Amazon with a very reasonable price.

Amazon’s standard 60 day money back guarantee

The shaver covers Amazon’s standard 60 days risk-free trial for Amazon customers. If you are not satisfied with arc5’s performance or have any trouble with the device, you can return the product to the supplier and they are compelled to return your full money back. You must return the product at the due date as the supplier can get it within 60 days from the actual purchase date. Never forget to provide the receipt you get with the parcel and everything you get inside the box.

Important: the money back guarantee covers only for Amazon customers and buyers from the Panasonic’s authorized suppliers. Never buy a clone product from unauthorized supplier that will not give any guarantee.


Like other Panasonic shavers, the arc5 also come with 2 year limited warranty. If you find any manufacturing defect or the shaver faces any difficulty in performance, the supplier is obliged to repair or replace the product within 2 years.


You know, if you think for the high-end and world’s most advanced electric razor; the Panasonic arc5, Braun Series 9, and the Philips s9000 prestige will come first. If you are in need of closest shaving machine, I will definitely suggest arc5 first and the other two are great for comfortable shave. On the other hand, the arc5 costs less than the rivals; that’s why this is more popular. If you are uncomfortable with the bulky head, you should go with the rotary type Philips prestige shaver. But the professional and experienced users are pretty comfortable with the arc5 and highly satisfied with its result. To sum up, you can select the Panasonic ES-LV65 in the arc5 models to save about $50 if you are not interested in automatic cleaning and charging station. The ES-LV97 charges little more for the cleaning dock which is very important for luxurious users.


Can you shaver head hairs with the arc5 shaver?

Yes, the Panasonic arc5 is very powerful to shave any coarse or hard hairs. So you can undoubtedly shave your head hairs easily. But remember, trim down your hairs first with a trimmer or scissor firstly in shortest shape of the trimmer and then apply the shaver on your head for optimum shaving result.

Can you shave body hairs?

Yes, you can easily shave body hairs with the arc5 shaver. But you have to trim the long hairs first to get the flawless shaving result. In this case you can use the built-in precision trimmer to shorten the body hair since body hairs are not much thicker.

Can you apply it on ball shaving?

Yes, you can apply it on ball shaving. But it is not recommended since it’s not hygienic. On the other hand, the result will not be satisfactory since the shaver features a bulky head. You can rather get a bodygroom machine or ball shaver in this case.