Philips s9000 Prestige Electric Razor Review

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Review Summary

Customer Rating:

  • 4.5 out of 5 [702 reviews]

ShaverZone Rating:

  • Price:– 3.5 out of 5
  • Built Quality:- 5 out of 5
  • Performance:- 5 out of 5
  • Accessories:- 3.5 out of 5
  • Overall:- 4.25 out of 5


  • Solid Built Quality
  • Premium design and feel
  • Super comfortable performance
  • Close shave even over longer hairs
  • Solid travel pouch
  • Wet/dry shave
  • Quiet enough
  • SmartClick precision trimmer
  • 100% waterproof
  • Best for sensitive skin and skin comfort


  • Super Expensive
  • No automatic cleaning and charging station
  • Cleaning process is complicated and effortful
  • No cleaning brush and protective cap



The Dutch brand Philips Norelco has a very strong reputation on the electric razor market, especially on the rotary shaver industry. But most of the consumers of Philips Norelco 9000 complained that their shaver does not value for money. There are more relevant blames over the built quality and some features. To get rid of the accuses from their high-end electric razor models, they launched the Philips s9000 Prestige. This model contains all the features of the existing Philips series 9000 shavers 9700 /9300 and something more. This is not a little upgrade of the existing series 9000 models but completely a new edition. Now Philips is very confident and advertising the Philips s9000 Prestige is their best shaver model. Let’s see if this shaver can revive their prestige though.

What’s in the box?

It’s really curious to know how many accessories and what attachments do come in the package of such costly gig. In this matter, the self-declared superstar will not wow you at all. Even it comes with fewer attachments than the existing series 9000 shavers. After unboxing the package you will find the following items into along with the Philips Norelco s9000 prestige shaver:

  • SmartClick trimmer head
  • The sturdy travel case
  • Charging cord
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Features and specifications

The most important thing to know before buying a product is going through the features and specifications carefully. Because features are the main thing practically you observe and consume. We decide a device great or worthless considering the features and built quality consequently. Let’s check the all features and specifications of the world’s most prestigious shaver in detail.

SmartClick technology:

All of the Norelco Series 9 shavers come with SmartClick system on the shaver head. This technology allows you to attach and detach different heads on the shaver for different purposes. So, this is not new for the prestige one. By the way, this is a very useful system for the users to easily alter the grooming attachments like SmartClick trimmer, facial cleansing brush and more.

Self-sharpening NanoTech precision blades:

Philips Norelco used totally new technology in their Philips 9000 prestige shaver blades. You might be known that the older Philips Norelco shavers come with double blade cutting system. The blades firstly pull a hair and cut with the next blade continuously. But the new Norelco prestige shaver comes with single self-sharpening precision circular blades. The new blades can cut more efficiently and comfortably than the older ones. These blades are as powerful as advertised I found and cut hairs without a spare. I really appreciate the Norelco’s new improvement in the Philips Norelco 9000 prestige series blades SH98/72.

Another impressive point to note that the new blades fit on the older Philips 9000 shaver heads. So, for the optimal result with your existing Philips 9000 shaver, you can replace with new SH98 blades on your old shaver.

Anti-friction comfort rings:

Did you ever notice how much friction your shaver creates while shaving? Do you actually know why friction is to consider while grabbing an electric razor? The answer is, the more friction the more skin irritation. But the Philips Norelco used metallic pigments coated skin comfort rings around the blades. The comfort ring glides over the skin very smoothly and prevent the skin from the touch of metal and blades. Thus the shaving process becomes super comfortable and enjoyable. While comparing with the older series 9000 shaver’s comfort ring, the newer ones come with more advanced technology and maximum capacity to provide comfort even over the sensitive skin.

Shaving mode selector:

Shaving speed is an important feature to look out. When your previous shaver is a high-end model, then you may be noticed the shaver speed settings. Some come with automatic power adjustment like Panasonic arc5 or Braun Series 9, and some come with manual power adjustment like Braun Series 7 or older Philips Series 9000 shavers. The automatic adjustable shavers use the shaving force according to beard density and does not let you choose your desired speed. But the Philips series 9000 prestige features two power adjustment button below the power button. There are 3 power modes you can select with the buttons. The (-) sign button decreases the power and the (+) sign button increases it. When you have a very sensitive skin, you can select the minimum power to shave slowly and if you have a thin facial hair, you can select the medium (2stain) power for an adequate shaving. But if you have a coarse beard, you must use the turbo power (3stain) for efficient shaving. So, shaving power in is your hand and you can adjust as you need.

Pivoting head system:

What is a pivoting head? A shaving head that flexes in different angles to shave effortlessly. There are fixed headed shavers and 2-10 direction pivoting heads in this industry. If you are familiar with the Braun’s new generation shaver Braun Series 9, you would have heard that Braun advertises its head flexes in 10 directions. But we find the claim worthless since there is no such 10 directions to pivot actually. The Philips Norelco s9000 prestige pivots 8 directions and the claim is exact. Since a rotary shaver, it is not impossible to such an advanced creation. So, the shaver head is super flexible to shave comfortably and easily. To clarify, the 8 direction pivoting head is not new in the series 9000 shaver; the older models also come with such flexible head.

100% waterproof:

Even a mid-range electric shaver comes with waterproof body. The Philips s9000 prestige is thought to be the most advanced shaver on the market and it’s common to be waterproof. Although advertised waterproof, all the shavers are not capable of immersing into the water. But the prestigious Philips shaver is able to immerse into the water for 30 minutes and it will not face any water causing problem. Yes, it’s true. In the same vein, you can shave under the shower while taking bathe.

Wet/dry shave:

This is also a common shaving facility to the high-end shavers. All the electric shavers on the market are able to shave at dry atmosphere and several can shave at wet. While grabbing a shaver, a men firstly check if it is wet/dry or not. You know all the series 9000 shavers are wet/dry and Philips used Aquatech technology in their high-end shavers to provide best shaving comfort in the wet atmosphere. The matter is to clarify that, is it efficient at wet shaving? The answer is, yes. The shaver even does not lose its minimum motion while shaving with softeners like shaving cream, foam, gel or water and provides efficient shave at per-use. Remember to clean the shaver head thoroughly after every wet shave.

Power source:

This is another important feature to find that what type of shaver it is cordless or corded. The Philips s9000 prestige is a cordless shaver and it comes with a very powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Philips Norelco designed the shaver as it can provide 1 hour shaving power with a full charge. Does it can? Yes, approximately. I found the power period is 55 – 60minutes with a complete full charge. So you do not need to charge the device once a month and it will provide continues cordless shaves for a full month if you use it personally. The device takes 1 hour to be fully charged with the provided charging cord. Some prestige shaver comes with QI charging pad for cordless charging but these models are not available in the USA and released on the Europe only. One disadvantage of the cordless charging is, you must have the charging pads with you and there is not charging system with cord for those shavers.

#Quick charge

There is a quick charging facility with the high-end electric shavers on the market. You can have a full shaving power with a 5 minute charge when you are on the go. So, you do not need to wait for 1 hour to charge the device fully for a use when the battery is fully drained. Most importantly; the shavers that charges with QI pad do not have this facility.

The travel bag:

I love the travel pouch comes with the Philips s9000 prestige shaver.


The built quality of the travel bag is premium and I had never seen such kind of strong pouch with any other shaver. The bag is enough to carry everything along with the shaver while travelling. So you do not need a separate bag to carry the charger, trimmer and cleaning ingredients. But it would be a downside for those people who do not like to carry other things and need to carry only the shaver. Since it can cover the full month for cordless performance with one full charge, it is unnecessary to carry the charging adapter for a short trip. By the way it’s helpful for a long holiday travel and you do need the smartclick trimmer for precision trimming after a shave. So it’s important to carry the trimmer head too.

On the other hand, the bag will keep all the things safe in your home when you are not on a travel and you do not need to keep a single thing separate.

Travel lock:

Travel lock is a necessary thing in a cordless product. The travel lock protects the shaver from accidentally turning on with the unintentional press of the power button. The Phillips s9000 comes with a useful travel lock to make the device more secured. To activate the travel lock, you do not need to search for a separate button and press the power button for 3 seconds and the device will be locked. You can deactivate the travel lock likewise pressing the power button for 3 seconds.

Digital LED display:

In the digital life, no one like to use a product like a blind and guessing the functionality. So, the advanced shavers come with great LED display to show the essential functionalities with the display. The Philips s9000 Prestige shaver comes with an advanced LED display that shows numeric battery life and more. How do confirm the travel lock is active or inactive? The LED shows the travel lock icon lock and unlock for your confirmation. You do not remember the shaving mode you are using since the display shows the power modes with 1-3 stains.

ClickOn trimmer:

All the Philips Series 9000 shavers come with a smartclick precision trimmer for a final touch of the shave. This allows you to shape your sideburns, make edges, shape mustache efficiently. But it is not good for professional beard trimming. One thing to share that the Prestige shaver does not have an extra power with the trimmer and it is a traditional series 9000 trimmer head. However, Philips should emphasize on the trimmer quality for better performance in the improvement.

90-day money back guarantee

Philips Norelco is extremely confident with their new generation prestigious shaver and provides 90 days money back guarantee – not that impressive? Yes, Philips Norelco will give your full money back if you find the product worthless and does not meet your satisfaction. Certainly you have to return the product within 90 days of purchasing. This is must be a trust worthy facility for anybody to buy any product from a trusty source. So we suggest purchasing the product from your nearest showroom or Amazon to get the actual guarantee coverage.


Now it’s time to consider the warranty. Philips Norelco American Corporation warrants their Philips s9000 shaver for 2 years. Actually all the Philips series 9000 shavers come with 2 year warranty facility. If you find any manufacturing defect or your device face any workmanship problem within 2 years after buying, grab your free repair or replacement from the manufacturer. Never forget to deliver the warranty card with the package to cover the warranty without any hassle. Never buy a clone product from a unreliable source that would not cover your warranty. And always buy from the manufacturer’s recommended agents on Amazon or direct showroom for better user-experience.

My Thought

I never suggest a product if it does not meet someone’s requirements. So, read more similar product’s reviews if it best suited for you. The only rival of the product is Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc5 and both of them is foil type shaver. If you are on the rotary type shaver, this is the most advanced creation ever and there is no rival of this prestigious shaver. But remember the price range; it is one of the most expensive shavers too. In your review, I could not blame its built quality and performance and the only series 9000 shaver the feels quiet and premium. So I will recommend it to you if the cost does not matter for you. I also recommend buying some extra things with the product like a cleaning brush and facial brush separately for more facility since the package comes with very few accessories.