Does New Generation Series 5 Shaver Worth?

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Braun Series 5 is a popular electric shaver line for its price range and great brand value. Braun has made a massive alteration in Series 5 with new-generation models in 2020. The Braun 5020s is a new generation Series 5 model that is an overwhelming people’s curiosity. The new generation Series 5 shavers including the Braun 5018s, 5020s, 5050cs are designed with a completely new plot and shape that you can differentiate from the older generations very easily.  I tried the Braun Series 5 5020s for 2 months to taste and judge the new generation’s authenticity. In this detailed article, I’ll share everything about the new shaver with pros and cons including guides. I think you should know some important aspects by reading this full article before buying your next shaver.


  • The Braun 5020s is a Foil-type electric razor with 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements that can move independently for comfortable performance.
  • It is a cordless shaver that features a powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery to provide 50 minutes of cordless runtime with a 1-hour full charge.
  • You’ll get a convenient 5-minute quick charging facility for an urgent shave if the battery is fully drained.
  • All the new generation Series 5 shavers including Braun 5020s are engineered with EasyClean technology that offers rinsing the shaver with direct running water without removing foil cassette.
  • It’s a wet/dry shaver that offers versatile shaving opportunities.
  • There is a SmartClick precision trimmer with the shaver that trims, details, and shapes hairs in the length of 0.5mm.
  • There are 5 trimming combs with the package to trim your beard or hair in 5 different lengths for your perfect beard/hair style.
  • Braun used a more informative LED display in the shaver than the older versions to show battery life, charging indication, cleaning indication, replacement head indication.

What’s in the box?

I got the following items after unwrapping the Braun Series 5 5020s shaver package.

  • The shaver itself
  • A SmartClick precision trimmer attachment
  • 5 trimmer combs
  • A small cleaning brush
  • Charging cord
  • User manual

Product Analysis

The Braun 5020s and other new generation Series 5 shavers are technically identical. I found the only differences are with color schemes and extra attachments that come with the packages. If you check the other shavers in the series like Braun 5018s and Braun 5050cs; the 5018s is a very basic package without any extras except the trimmer attachment. And the 5050cs comes with a bodygroom attachment and 2 bodygroom combs, and the beard trimmer attachment. However, here is the Braun 5020s product analyzing report I described distinctively for your better understanding.

Shaving Elements:

Like the older generation Series 5 shavers, the Braun EasyClean generation shavers come with 3 foil shaving elements. There are two regular foil blocks and one middle trimmer block have been used in the shaver head that work together for efficient shaving performance. The two outer foils cut the hairs very close to the skin and the main duty of the middle trimmer is to catch and pre-cut the longer, flat-lying hairs and guide them to the outer foils for close results.

Shaving Head Flexibility:

All the shaving elements on the Braun 5020s shaver head are flexible enough to move up/down while shaving. The shaving elements feel comfortable and efficient to adapt to the skin contact and shave off. But Braun used a frustrating fixed shaving head in the EasyClean models. The head does not pivot and feels pretty problematic to operate in the tricky areas. Therefore, the shaving process becomes cumbersome and you have to use more wrist work. I think the older version’s flexible heads are better for shaving off all kinds of hairs with less wrist work.

The EasyClean Technology:

Braun used a new technology in their new generation Series 5 shavers that is called EasyClean. This technology allows you to clean the shaver with directly running water. You’ll find there is a cutout system in the neck of the shaver where you need to apply running water and the cutout forces the housing to remove the debris. However, practically I didn’t find the system much effective. I had to remove the foil cassette for a thorough cleaning although Braun claims you do not need to remove it.

Wet/dry Shaving:

All the EasyClean models are 100% waterproof that allows you to use under the shower or use wet/dry. The Braun Series 5 5020s allows you to use shaving cream, foam, gel for a refreshing wet shave or you can have fast dry shaves.

Power Source:

Braun used powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the Series 5 EasyClean shavers for cordless shaving. Therefore, the Braun 5020s can provide you 50 minutes of continuous cordless shaving power with 1 hour of full charge. Moreover, there is a 5 minute quick charging option. The quick charge allows you to have an urgent shave while the rechargeable battery is fully drained and you are on the.

LED Display:

Braun used a smart LED display in the Braun 5020s shaver that feels more advanced than the older generation Series 5 shavers. The display shows the battery life, charging indication, hygiene indication, travel lock indication, replacement part indication. I prefer the new display to the older display that looks more user-friendly.

Trimming Facility:

This is a tremendous addition to the new generation Series 5 shavers. Braun engineered the shavers with SmartClick technology and provides a SmartClick precision trimmer attachment with the shavers. You need to pull off the foil cassette to detach and attach the separate trimmer in place to have the trimming facility. The SmartClick trimmer replaced the older generation’s slide-up trimmers that somehow feels more user-friendly than older ones. Besides detailing, the SmartClick trimmers are able to trim off the longer hairs for making stubbles for a close shave.

#5 Trimming Combs

Again, you can differentiate the models according to their attachment items come with the packages. The specialty of the Braun 5020s model is, the shaver comes with 5 trimmer combs that fit on the SmartClick trimmer. The Braun Series 5 5020s shaver provides 6 trimming lengths(0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm) with and without the trimming combs.

Built Quality

This is the place where the new Generation Series 5 shows its limitation and the older generation remains better in choice. The Braun 5020s is fully built-in plastic even the foil frame has been covered with a plastic edge that feels cheaper than the older Series 5 shavers. On the other hand, there are some CC models in the existing Series 5 version such as Braun 5190cc, Braun 5195cc that come with an automatic cleaning and charging station. But none of the new generation EasyClean shaver comes with such cleaning center.

However, the Braun 5020s comes with an identical shaver cassette to the older Series 5 shavers that feature 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements. But the shaver head is fixed that will not pivot while operating and you have to make more wrist work to shave perfectly in the tricky areas. I liked the new head technology whereas Braun used SmartClick system on the head where you can easily attach and detach attachments for extra grooming needs.

Although the older Series 5 shavers have robust built quality, the popup trimmer feels problematic to use for new users. I think Braun filled the gap in new generation shavers with the new SmartClick precision trimmer that feels pretty handy. The shaver is 100% waterproof that allows shaving under the shaver or use wet/dry and all the Series 5 shavers have the same feature though. Although a cheaper built quality, Braun made the Braun 5020s lighter than the previous models. Moreover, the LED display feels more advanced and the matte plastic finish feels premium.


I had to try the shaver in all the angles since a completely new pattern foil shaver. I tried the Series 7’s new shavers firstly though, which comes with an identical style and frame. But Braun Series 5 5020s comes with a fixed head that is why it took much effort for the total shaving result. I tried the shaver from all the angles including wet/dry, under the shower, longer hairs, and more. It works well in wet atmosphere even under the shower. The shaving result is close enough that I felt satisfactory. While using without any shaving lubricator or dry shaves, it feels comfortable for its pressure-sensitive shaving elements but felt a little problematic for the fixed shaving head.

However, it’s not a good shaver for shaving longer hairs but the precision trimmer filled the gap. You can trim off the longer hairs with the trimmer attachment and make them short stubble and then operate the shaver to make close and smooth results. Likewise, you’ll find the shaver problematic in some fields but you can overcome the hassles using it cleverly.

Replacement parts

Braun’s new generation Series 5 and Series 6 uses the similar foil cassette 53B that you can find on Amazon or your nearest showroom. Braun recommends replacing the head every after 18 months of use.  But it could differ from your using habit. However, you have to replace the foil cassette after getting the present cassette dull whichever shaver you use. But Braun’s shaving cassettes last longer than any other Brand’s shaving cassette that is why it can save your comparative cost of replacing the head very frequently. This is to clarify that, replacing the head will make your shaving result optimum and feel like a new shaver.

The gripe is, there are no other available replacement parts for the new generation Series 5 shavers like the trimmer attachment, the comb attachments, and more. However, I think Braun will bring the other parts on the market separately for their new generation Series 5 shavers soon.


  • Close shaving result
  • Waterproof and EasyClean system
  • Wet/dry shaver
  • Good battery life
  • SmartClick trimming facility
  • 5 trimming combs
  • Smart LED
  • Light-weight


  • Fixed shaving head
  • Cheaper built quality
  • No travel pouch
  • Not good for longer hairs
  • No foil protective cap


Although some limitations; Braun made a great revamp to make Series 5 simpler, user-friendly, and affordable. I think the effort is not in vain. The Braun 5020s is a good shaving machine for regular wet/dry shaves and general trims. However, it’s an underwhelming device in terms of built quality and shaving longer hairs while comparing with older Series 5 models. But the SmartClick trimmer fills the most gap by trimming off longer hairs and making them stubbles. The trimming combs are also a plus for the shaver and ideal for men who like versatile hair grooming.

Braun 5020s vs Braun 5018s

The Braun 5018s is the very basic model in the EasyClean version that comes with only a SmartClick trimmer and no more attachment. The main devices are identical and the inner mechanism is also similar. But the Braun 5020s comes with 5 additional trimming combs that provide 5 different lengths of beard trimming. If you feel you do not need the trimming combs, it’s a better option to buy the Braun 5018s that will save some costs since the Braun 5018s is cheaper.

Braun 5020s vs Braun 5050cs

The 5050cs is the costliest model in the EasyClean version that comes with some uncommon attachments. There are some differences in the color scheme of the both shavers though. To clarify, the Braun 5050cs comes with a bodygroom attachment that will trim body hairs without nick and cut. Moreover, there are 2 body grooming combs in the package where 1 is for sensitive skin and another is for trimming hairs in a long length. On the other hand, the Braun 5050cs comes with a charging stand that is very uncommon to the EasyClean shavers. The charging stand is used to recharge the shaver securely on the countertop. However, the Braun 5020s comes with 5 beard trimming combs but the 5050cs doesn’t have any beard trimming comb. So, you should choose your shaver accordingly.

N. B. The SmartClick precision trimmer is a common attachment to the all EasyClean models.

Is there any automatic cleaning station with any model of EasyClean shavers?

No, there is no cleaning or charging dock with Braun Series 5 EasyClean shavers. But you can use Braun Series 7’s and Braun Series 6’s SmartCare unit for your Series 5 shaver and that fits for EasyClean shavers perfectly.

Can you use the Braun 5020s shaver while charging?

No, all the Series 5 EasyClean shavers are designed for cordless use. Therefore, it will not work while charging.

What is the supported voltage for Braun Series 5 5020s?

The Braun 5020s and all other Series 5 EasyClean shavers are designed for universal use. Therefore, the shavers support worldwide voltage (100v – 240v).

Where the Braun 5020s made in?

All the Braun Series 5 shavers including older generations and new generations are made in Germany. Therefore, the Braun Series 5 5020s also made in Germany.