Bored at home? Here are some free games, movies, audiobooks, and more to keep you entertained

With everything that has been going around the world in recent weeks, we all need an outlet. Thankfully, there are dozens of free resources that provide a distraction from the chaos. We’ve rounded up all the games, movies, audiobooks, e-books, fitness services, and learning resources that are free right now. Whether you’re looking to unwind […]

Zoom’s ‘Company Directory’ feature pooled thousands of personal email addresses, exposing user data

The dumpster fire that is Zoom’s security and privacy practices continues to rage after it emerged that Zoom’s ‘Company Directory’ feature pooled thousands of strangers together, exposing personal data. According to a report from Motherboard Popular video-conferencing Zoom is leaking personal information of at least thousands of users, including their email address and photo, and […]