How to Balayage Short Hair

The Belayage approach to short hair allows folks to make their short hair unique, different, and one of a kind versus just looking like every other person out there with short hair styles. It evokes a sense of personality and whimsy as well as a bit of creativity for the day. There are a lot […]

Beard Maintenance Tips (Plus Recommended Products)

The popularity of beards continues to increase. According to Dapper Confidential, beards are here to stay but they may be looking a bit different. The long scraggly, unkept untrimmed look is out. Out is the hippie beard look, instead, most men today opt for structured, well-shaped beards instead of those that are long and loose. Some […]

16 Mustache Styles and Types (Chart)

This is the ultimate mustache guide with charts showing the 16 different mustache styles along with the names and full descriptions for each type. My father sported a very cool mustache during my formative years.  His was much like the famous Tom Selleck mustache you see above (made famous by his iconic character Magnum P.I.).  […]

26 Beard Styles for Men (Illustrated Chart)

This is the ultimate beard styles guide with a beard styles chart of 26 different beard followed by detailed descriptions and beard style illustrations. Every type listed. Welcome to our epic beard styles article.  Above I feature one of my favorite actors, Jeff Bridges who is sporting a great beard. Beards are in.  Interestingly, there’s […]

Can Wavy Hair Be Permed Safely?

Is it possible for wave hair types to get a perm without problems or it not working? Yes, wave hair can handle a perm. The key problem factors tend to be thin hair or hair already treated, but a perm is a great way to get curlier for longer. Wavy-haired folks have a bit of […]