Braun Series 9 9390cc Electric Razor / Braun 9390cc

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Review summary


  • 20% extended battery
  • Premium design
  • Extended processor 32bit
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Close shave
  • More user-friendly display


  • Expensive
  • Traditional slide-up trimmer

Customer rating:

ShaverZone rating:

  • Price:– 4 out of 5
  • Built Quality:- 5 out of 5
  • Performance:- 5 out of 5
  • Accessories:- 4.5 out of 5
  • Overall:- 4.6 out of 5




There is hype to the existing Braun Series 9 users over Braun’s new release. They are enthusiastic to experience their improved shaver since they are satisfied with their existing one and know what’s new to the new update. To dominate the high-end shaver market, Braun recently made their major update on the Series 9. The Braun Series 9 9390cc is the overwhelming model to the all new Series 9 models. During the Covid-19 period, most of the men searched for the best electric shaver to get the optimal close shave to keep the face germ free. And they find the recent release of Braun 9390cc and most of the specialists like GQ suggested this costly product undoubtedly. By the way, although a major improvement, Braun did not extend the price range and kept very similar to the older models. We were also very eager to taste and experience the overwhelming product when saw the advertisement and did it after the official release.

What’s in the box?

You will find nothing extra than the older series 9 models and the inside is like the traditional Braun Series 9 package. But the new sign on the box “New” sealed to clarify that it is not a refurbished product. Along with the Braun Series 9 9390cc shaver, we found the following items:

  • Premium travel pouch
  • Cleaning and charging station
  • Cleaning brush
  • A cartridge
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Features and specifications

You can differentiate the new Braun 9390cc shaver from the older 90xxcc, 92xxcc ones in terms of the features. So, the trump card is into the new features to achieve the market.

Advanced battery:

The biggest change over the new Braun series 9 is the battery power. Braun used 20% larger battery on the Braun series 9 9390cc shaver. If you are familiar with the older series 9 models, you know those models provided 45-50 minutes of cordless shaving. But the new generation Braun series 9 shaver provides 60 minutes of continuous shaving with a full charge. Does the claim worth? Yes, when I tested the shaver to check the battery power, it provided me the similar cordless power as the manufacturer advertised. So, It’s a great improvement by Braun in their 2020 version series 9 shavers. What is the exact charging time? The charging time is like the traditional series 9 shavers that takes 1 hour for a full charge. Although no change in charging time, 1 hour is not a big deal and the minimum period of all the electric shavers on the market.

Tip: After unwrapping the package, firstly charge the device for 2 hours and then start using. Make the battery fully empty before the 2nd charge; do this procedure twice a year to keep your battery healthy.

#5 mins quick charge

The quick charging option is not new to the series 9 shavers. All the Braun series 9 shavers provides 5 minute quick charging option to have an urgent shave if your battery is fully drained and you are on the go. For this option, you do not need to wait for a long 1 hour to charge it fully and then shave.

More user friendly LED display:

Braun emphasized on the digital display on the shaver and improved with lighting color and functionalities. The old LED displays the icons and indicators with blue emitting lights, but the new improved display shows the icons and indicators with more HD interface and white emitting led. Braun newly added a battery icon below the battery segment countdown to confirm it is battery segment that gives a better look. I found the icon is not much useful practically, but a better look. There are 5 battery life segments where every segment lasts for 20% of total battery life. There is also a charging indicator, cleaning indicator, replacement head indicator and most importantly the travel lock indicator. This smart display will feel like your sell phone I think.

5 synchronized shaving elements:

There are 4 different shaving blades on the Braun series 9 shaver head that works together to provide efficient shave in every stroke. Why Braun said 5 synchronized shaving elements? You see there is a special soft divider between two cutting elements that prevents the blade to engage with skin too harshly. The divider ensures more secure cut with super skin comfort beard shaving without any kind of skin irritation. Including the divider, Braun advertised there are 5 shaving elements. But there are practically 4 shaving elements that cut hairs in different angle. So, do not mix the shaving elements with cutting blades where you see the Panasonic arc5 actually features 5 blades but the Braun 9390cc does not. What are those 4 shaving elements? The foil shaver contains 4 different shaving elements on the head where everyone has a different duty to fulfill most efficient shaving result. The shaving elements and their duty are following:

#2 optifoils

The front and last shaving elements on the shaver head are called optifoil blades. These are the Braun’s usual foil chambers why the shaver is called foil shaver. The optifoils persistently cuts all kind of hairs to make smooth results.

#Direct & cut trimmer

The next cutting element from the front of the shaver is direct & cut trimmer. The function of this special cutting element is to capture and cut the hairs that grow in different directions and makes the beard messy. When the optifoils fail to capture the messy hairs from different directions, the direct & cut trimmer accomplish this task without sparing any single hair.

#Hyperlift & cut trimmer

This is another special cutting element coated in golden color. This cutting element capture the flat laying hairs and lift to the cutting elements to cut it efficiently. For this game changer element, the shaver does not leave any kind of hair and makes flawless shaves in every stroke.

Is Braun series 9 9390cc capable of competing with Panasonic arc5’s 5 blade duty with its 4 blade? Yes, since the elements do their duty flawlessly, there is no chance to spare a single hair to be defeated in terms of shaving quality. On the other hand, the only rival Panasonic arc5 features a bulky head for having 5 blades at a time where the Braun’s one looks and feels smarter.

Powerful but gentle:

Braun made their new Braun series 9 more powerful with extra-large 32bit processor. Do you know how powerful chip the older Braun series 9 shaver uses? The older series 9 shavers and the rivals use 8bit chip and those are enough powerful to make efficient shave to any kind of hair. Meanwhile Braun’s new edition series 9 shavers uses 32bit chip. Sounds great huh! This powerful processor creates high volume vibrations that can handle any kind of beard density without any compromise. Although highly powerful, the shaver performs its work very gently; this is its specialty. You would not feel any harshness although the device makes high torque for coarse beard and accomplish the process with super comfort.

100% Waterproof:

You know maximum Braun shavers are washable. In the same vein, the Braun series 9 shavers are 100% waterproof. So, it’s not a new feature to the new series 9 edition. You can rinse and immerse the shaver for up to 30 minutes and it will not face any water causing problem. Waterproof devices are very user friendly to use anywhere and any atmosphere. On the other hand, electric shaver is a device that is mostly used in the bathroom and kept on the bathroom countertop. As a result, it’s the best practice to select an electric shaver which comes with waterproof interface. So, the Braun 9390cc very suitable for wet atmosphere even you can use it under the shower.

Important: keep the device fully dry while placing it into charging outlet.

Wet/dry shaver:

Wet/dry shaving facility is a must having feature now a day’s even if a men always uses a razor for dry shaves only. There is no doubt that the premium shavers like Braun series 9 come with wet dry shaving feature. The only matter is to consider; what is the efficiency of shaving while using on wet beards. I found the new Braun series 9 9390cc is more efficient than the older series 9 models as you know older series 9 models are also great for wet shaving. The shaver never compromise with its power to cut hairs on the wet beards to provide maximum smooth and close shave every time. In a word, the Braun 9390cc is ideal for wet shaving and undoubtedly efficient for dry shaving.

Note: Clean the shaver thoroughly/place the device into clean&charge station after using with shaving cream, soap, gel or other liquids.

Advanced clean & charge station:

You noticed the model name ends with CC(clean and charge station). The Braun series 9 comes with world’s only 5 action alcohol based clean and charge station. This is a very user-friendly device to automatically charges, cleans, lubricates, and dries the device with a single touch of the small start button. The device automatically selects the cleaning and charging method after starting the process. So, you do not need to even think of the shaver after placing it into the cleaning unit. Since it uses alcohol based cleaning lubricant, it makes the shaver 100% germ free and ready for the next use. So, we do recommend using the clean&charge station for cleaning and charging the device although it costs some extra bucks for refill cartridges.

Popup trimmer:

The older series 9 shavers achieved great feedbacks from the customers and Braun claims the series 9 comes with most advanced premium slidup trimmer. I also acknowledge their proclaim and I really satisfied with the finishing trimmer. Likewise, the new series 9 shavers (93xx) come with the same slideup trimmer. Although a major release, Braun did not make any improvement in the new shaver’s additional trimmer. This could be a downside but I mentioned before that the older slideup trimmers are good enough.

Travel lock:

Travel lock is a must have feature for such kind of cordless devices and moreover a super expensive shaver. The Braun series 9 shavers come with world’s most advanced travel lock system in its industry. And the new generation series 9 shavers also come with the same travel lock. I don’t find anything that needs improvement in this field. The system is very user-friendly where you need to just press the power button and hold for 3 second to activate the lock and follow the same procedure to deactivate it. After activating the lock, you will find the lock icon is locked in LED display and it will show unlocked indication when you deactivate the lock.

The sturdy travel case:

I like Braun’s deluxe travel case with the series 9 and the new generation series 9 packages come with more advanced and sturdy travel pouch. The leather travel pouch is strong enough to protect the shaver from external hits. I observed the shaver didn’t get a minimum damage when it dropped from my hand while storing inside the pouch. So, the shaver is safe enough to get damaged from general accidents. But the travel pouch can store only the main device and you need to carry the other things with a separate carry bag. As a result, it may be a downside for some users.

60 day money back guarantee:

The Braun Series 9 9390cc comes with Amazons standard return policy of 60 days. If you are not satisfied with your newly ordered Braun shaver or find any manufacturing defect. The company is obliged to take return your product and give you full money back. You have to return the product within 60 days to cover the guarantee policy. It will not also cover if you unable to prove your purchase with proper document and return with the full package.

Note: The return policy only covers if you buy from Amazon.

2 year warranty:

As like the other premium Braun series shavers (series 7, series 5), the all series 9 shavers come with 2 year limited warranty.


It’s a great opportunity for you if you are interested in Braun series 9 and intend to buy after the new series 9 release. Because, it comes with the similar price range but some much more facility. The series 9 is obviously a very powerful shaver production and moreover the new Braun 9390cc comes with more power. The powerful but gentle shaver is highly recommended for you if you are interested in premium shavers for most comfortable and powerful shaving experience. There are too many affordable shavers on the market that can provide you good shaves but series 9 in something special that you can realize after a trial. Since Braun offers 60 days money back guarantee, then why not to try once?

How to release and refill the cartridge into the cleaning dock?

It’s important to know, how to change the cleaning refill from the cleaning station. You can find a big button behind the dock. Just press the button and the dock will pop up. After that you will find the empty cartridge into the dock. Just drag it and replace with the new one likewise the old one was set and then push the dock down until it lock and sound “click”. That’s it!

Can you shave your head with the shaver?

Yes, this is a powerful shaver to handle any coarse hair types and cut smoothly on any skin type. So, it’s very good for head shaving. But you have to trim first if you have a very long hair. In this case, the popup trimmer wouldn’t help you much and need to get a separate beard trimmer. After trimming the hairs in a shorter length, you can easily shave your head hair very close.