Babyliss Pro Shaver Review: Babyliss Pro FoilFX02

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Babyliss is not much a common brand for electric shavers but a very fast growing company in the fashion, style, and grooming industry now. They recently released their foil type electric razor “Babyliss Pro” with double foil technology for professionals in an uncommon design and shape. There are 3 models of color variations (silver, gold, and rose gold) in the Babyliss pro series but the main devices and the functions are similar. There are too many things to break out about the new rising popular Babyliss pro foilfx shaver in this article that may help you decide if it worth for you.

What’s in the box? #

Since a professional shaver, it doesn’t come with too many fancy attachments but there are some useful items found in the box. After unboxing the package, you’ll find the following items in the box:

  • The BaBylissPRO Barberology FoilFX shaver itself
  • A metal foil protective cap attached on the shaver head
  • A cloth travel bag
  • Charging adapter with cord
  • A small cleaning brush
  • Manual

Features overview #

The BabylissPro Barberlogy  FoilFX is a professional-grade shaver for close shaving, fading, outlining, and detailing client’s face, neck, and hairline or personal grooming. Since a professional-grade shaver, it doesn’t have extra deluxe features that the luxurious personal groomers demand. But it has some great features that are able to provide smooth and premium shaving facility.

1. Metal frame

There is very few electric razors that have been made with a metal casing even the most expensive Braun Series 9 has a plastic casing.

Babyliss manufactured their FoilFX shavers with stainless steel frame that feels super hard and stronger than any other shaver I have ever tried.

I think the manufacturer wanted to give the professionals a durable and reliable shaving tool that can handle heaviest load.

2. Two cutting elements

Babyliss used double foil cutters on the shaving head for extra duty of shaving operation to reduce shaving time.

If you compare it with the single foil shavers, The FoilFXS2 will give you 2x faster shaving performance than the single blades.

Most importantly, the foils have been placed in a different measurement with 120°  up and down for maximum precision and versatility.

3. Hypoallergenic foils

The manufacturer used Titanium coated hypoallergenic gold foils on the shaver head for skin friendly and irritation free shaving results.

On the other hand, hypoallergenic foils last longer than regular steel foils.

The Babyliss pro foilfx02 shaver’s foils are flexible to move up and down independently that ensures super comfortable glides over the skin.

4. Rotary motor

Babyliss used a powerful rotary motor in this hard shaver for handling heavy duty even on coarse head hairs.

As a result, the shaver can provide super smooth shaves, fades, outlining, and more without compromising with the thickness of hair.

Since a powerful motor, it creates some noise at the operation but that is not unbearable.

I liked the babyliss pro foilfx02 shaver’s NiMH rechargeable battery.

While you have much complains about your cordless shaver’s battery power, Babyliss pro is going to solve your problem.

The Babyliss pro shaver offers 3 hours continuous cordless runtime with a full charge.

If you compare the battery power with the regular premium shavers on the market like Philips 9000, Braun Series 9, Panasonic arc5; all the shavers provide 1 hour runtime maximum.

However, the babyliss pro foilfx02 takes 3 hours for a full charge that is a pretty long time.

6. Cordless + corded

Beyond long time cordless performance, the Babyliss pro shaver offers you to use the shaver with the cord while charging.

Babyliss provides a dual voltage adapter with a 3m long cord that allows you shave cordless maneuvering long distance in the saloon or bathroom.

Consequently, you can endlessly shave with the shaver even your shaver’s battery is empty.

7. Auto cover/shutoff

Babyliss pro added auto sensor technology in the FoilFX02 shaver that automatically turns off the shaver while put the shaver without turning off the power.

Sometimes you may forget to turn off the shaver and put it on the countertop at the running mode.

This shaver will discontinue running process after 1 minutes of unused power.

Built-quality of Babyliss Pro Shaver #

The Babyliss pro shaver comes in a luxury design but a vintage shape that is different from the regular modern electric shavers.

Babyliss engineered the shaver specially for the professionals and I think that is why they chosen this squire shape of the shaver.

Again, the body of the shaver fully made with stainless steel that looks glossy and heavy than other electric shavers.

After unboxing the shaver will find the head is covered with a steel cap that is also very strong which you need to put off to use the shaver.

After putting off the cap you will find the hypoallergenic foils on the head that move up and down with a mild press of a finger.

There are two buttons left and right side where the big one is power button and the opposite one is foil cassette release button.

There is nothing at the front side and rare side of the shaver except the Babyliss pro logo.

At the bottom of the shaver there are some specifications and directions and moreover the charging port where you need to attach the cord for charging.

In addition, there is a LED charging indicator that continuously blinks while charging the device.

Unfortunately there is no battery life indicator in the device therefore you can not understand how much battery power exists before fully draining the battery.

But I think it would not be a big problem since it allows you to shave while charging.

The powerful rotary motor and the powerful battery are really appreciable that can provide professional-grade precision shaving.

I think the device has a good enough built quality and comparably better machine than the alternatives.

Performance of the Babyliss shaver #

Everything is a failure if the shaving performance is not good enough by a shaver machine.

The very fast growing brand Babyliss used powerful technologies in their FoilFX shavers to deliver professional-grade shaving performance.

Again the Babyliss pro shaver comes with two hypoallergenic foils and very sharp cutting blades that can cut hairs and beards smoothly in a comfortable manner.

However, the shaver doesn’t have wet shaving facility that maybe a downside for you if you are fond of shaving with shaving cream, foam, gel, water.

But remember, it’s a professional shaver where professionals do not demand for a wet shaver but a comfortable shaver.

While talking with “Chris Bossio” and Loren the barber, none of them blamed the shaver although it doesn’t have wet shaving feature since comfortable enough in dry shaving.

You know, most of the dry shavers result razor burns and skin irritations for their harsh cutting process.

But the hypoallergenic foils of the shaver are very efficient for delivering maximum skin comfort in the bump free shaving.

Although a professional shaver, you can also use it for your personal grooming while you do not demand wet shaving and comfortable with such squire shaped shaver.

In terms of dry shaving performance, I’ll rate the Babyliss pro FoilFX02 shaver 9 out of 10.

Cleaning and maintenance #

Babyliss pro FoilFX02 is not a waterproof/washable shaver. Therefore, it is not allowed to rinse it.

So, you have to clean it manually in a dry condition by the cleaning brush provided with the package.

Fortunately the shaver head is very easy to detach and brush off the inner blades.

To detach the foil head, you need to press the small button at the left/right side of your shaver and pull off the head.

Simply brush off the debris from the cutting blades and foil chamber and attach it for next use.

Regularly cleaning of the head will prolong your shaver’s blade and foil life.

Replacement part #

The replacement foils and blades are available on the Babyliss websites and Amazon.

After getting your cutter’s performance dull, you should replace the cutter and foils to get optimum shaving results.

Fortunately, the replacement foils and cutters provide exactly similar performance and feel like the originals.

Pros #

  • Close performance
  • Hypoallergenic foils for comfortable shaves
  • Universal voltage
  • Auto cover shut-off
  • 3 hour runtime
  • Cordless + corded
  • Built-in metal frame
  • Affordable replacement parts

Cons #

  • Not for wet shaving
  • Heavy device
  • Not waterproof
  • Not good for long hairs
  • No display for battery life
  • Get smudges
  • Noisy

Final thought #

Babyliss pro shaver is not a wet/dry shaver and doesn’t come with a regular modern electric shaver shape.

Although some limitations, it’s a perfect shaving machine for professionals and professional-grade shaving performance in terms of close and comfortable results.

The built quality is really adorable and I liked the battery and the corded shaving facility of the shaver.

In short, it would be your great shaving companion if you are used to with the squire shape and do not demand for wet shaving.

Some important questions and answers #

  1. Is the shaver good for head shaving?

    Yes, but you have to trim the hairs first and make them stubble to shave close with the shaver.

  2. Can you shave body hairs with the Babyliss pro shaver?

    It’s not recommended to shave sensitive zones of the body and moreover, it’s only good for stubbles; not for long hairs.

  3. Can you use the shaver out of the U.S?

    Yes, it’s a dual voltage shaver.

  4. What is the warranty period for Babyliss pro shaver?

    2 years.