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  1. Powers being increased for Police to interpret vald at their discretion. Parliament taking charge of the court proceedings, sentencing and incarceration. Experienced Judiciary being undermined and removed. Very small window for the accused to defend themselves and prove their innocence. Evidence squashed of how the CMC had been influenced and coached by the lnp strategists. Ethics committee conveniently removed. Police minister refuses to produce and discuss statistical criminal reports they say is he bases of their evidence against motorcycle clubs and the main reason to introduce Vlad and other ammendments to laws that UNDERMINE QUEENSLAND CITIZENS HUMAN RIGHTS. Premier newman publicly announces that members of motorcycle clubs have or are committing specific crimes evident from CMC reports. Why isn’t this evidence being used to make arrests? Instead we are being told the crackdown on all motorcyclist is to find members of ‘declared criminal’ motorcycle clubs. Wouldn’t the EVIDENCE have this information?So many contradictions coming from the Premiers phony war campaign that school children can easily identify the discrepancies.

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