70+ Curly Hair Men’s Haircuts + Hairstyle Ideas For Men (Ultimate Guide)

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If you think you hate your curly hair, think again. It’s probably the hair cut. Curly hair has different cutting and styling requirements than straight or even wavy hair. Here’s our ultimate curly hair guide with 77 short, medium, and long haircuts plus styling tips and products.

Different Haircuts for Men With Curly Hair

There are three ways to manage curly hair. The first eliminates texture and frizz with a very short haircut. The second is to straighten hair with a product, heat styling, or relaxer. The last is to make the most of your hair type. That’s what we’re here for.

There aren’t any pictures of curly buzz cuts, crew cuts, and other ultra-cropped looks because hair is too short to reveal any texture and looks straight. Instead, we have short, medium, and long haircuts with fades, tapers, and undercuts that highlight curly locks and are easy to wear.

Cool Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

So what are cool looks for curly hair? Anything that works with your natural texture. Styles with texture are one of the top men’s hair trends right now and you don’t have to get a special cut or use a special product to get it. In addition to the popular curly fade haircuts, we’ve got trendy looks like French crops, curly mohawks, and slick styles.

How To Maintain Curly Hair

Every cut at every length is a good haircut with the right care. The coils and shape of curly hair make it more prone to dryness and breakage than other hair types. Lots of conditioning will make hair softer and more manageable. Here are the basics of taking care of curly hair:

Shampoo Less At most, shampoo hair every other day but less is even better. You can still shower every day. Break up any grime by massaging the scalp thoroughly. Condition hair every day. If hair looks or feels greasy in between, spray some dry shampoo at the roots and work it in.

Condition More Daily conditioning isn’t always enough to keep curly hair looking it’s best A leave-in conditioner or few drops of oil after the shower lock in moisture and help fight frizz. Use a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week or at least once a month. The curlier the hair, the more additional moisture it requires.

Styling On days you don’t wash your hair, use some dry shampoo to absorb oil at the roots. Then add products, but less than you use on freshly washed hair.

haircut ideas for curly hair men

Types of Curly Hair

There is an official way to classify types of curly hair based on how much hair it takes a complete curl to form. Type 1 hair is straight, Type 2 is wavy, Type 3 is curly and Type 4 is kinky. Coiled hair can be type 3 or 4. In general, most people with coily and kinky hair are of African descent but not always. Black people can have looser curls, white people can have tighter curls, and curly hair exists in all genetic pools including Hispanic and Asian lineages.

Instead of those classifications, we’re going to look at the types of curly hair that require different care and products:

Thick + Coarse Curly Hair

Sometimes thick and coarse curly hair can be too much of a good thing. The key to soft, manageable hair is conditioner and lots of it. Get extra moisturizer in hair at every opportunity with a moisturizing shampoo, daily conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and even deep conditioning treatments like. Hair products for curly hair like creams and pomades hold hair and moisture.

Thin + Fine Curly Hair

The challenge for thin and fine curly hair is to avoid falling flat. Even with curly volume, hair products can weigh hair down. In addition to the right length and layers for your curl type, use lightweight products that define curl and fight frizz like mousses and curl creams.

Frizzy Curly Hair

Frizz is not a type of curl. Frizzy hair deviates from the surrounding texture, standing up or curling on its own. There are two main causes of frizzy curly hair. One you can control and the other you can’t. The former is hot and humid weather, the later is dehydration and damage. The good news is both can be combated with care and products.

First, towel drying hair with an actual towel can cause frizz. Dedicate an old t-shirt to the cause or try a microfiber towel. Second, don’t play with your hair during the day. The more you touch it, the more it will frizz up.

As far as products go, fight frizz with additional moisture and conditioning. In heat and humidity, oils and waxes define curly texture and keep away that summer frizz.

Tight + Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky curls are the tightest type of curls. Depending on if it is type 4a, 4b, or 4c curls, hair forms tight coils in an S- pattern, Z-pattern, or without a defined curl pattern. This type of tight, kinky curls are the most prone to dryness and breakage.

The quick rules for this natural texture are wash less, moisture, more avoid silicones and mineral oil in hair products, deep condition, don’t brush dry hair, and use protective styles, especially over bight.

Now, let’s check out the latest curly hair haircuts and hairstyles. Scroll down to pick your desired hair length, and then choose a cool new look.

Short Curly Hair Styles

1. Undercut For Short Curly Hair

undercut for short curly hair
Anthony Giannotti

2. Curly Hair + 360 Waves + Short Haircut

curly hair 360 waves short haircut
Darius Blendz

3. Classic Short Haircut For Curly Hair

Classic Short Haircut For Curly Hair
Glassbox Barbershop

4. Short Taper Haircuts For Curly Hair

short taper haircuts for curly hair
Vic Blends

5. Classic Skin Fade + Short Curly Hair

classic skin fade short curly hair

6. Low Fade Haircuts For Short Curly Hair

low fade haircuts for short curly hair
Raymond Roldán

7. Mid Fade Haircuts For Short Curly Hair

mid fade haircuts for short curly hair
Emmett Tuff

8. High Fade Haircuts For Curly Hair

high fade haircuts for curly hair
David Vetter

9. Drop Fade And Curly Hair

drop fade and curly hair
Victor Hugo

10. Bald Fade And Short Curly Hair

bald fade and short curly hair
MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming

11. Short Curly Hair + Mohawk Fade Haircut

curly hair mohawk fade haircut
Petey Rock the Barber

12. Short Curly Haircut With Shadow Fade

short curly haircut with shadow fade
Victor Cruz

13. Temple Fade + Short Curly Haircut

temple fade + short curl haircut
Alvaro Vargas Roso

14. Temp Fade

temp fade
I Style I Cut

15. Short Haircut With Burst Fade And Curly Hair

short haircut with burst fade and curly hair
Randy Gordon

16. Short Curly Hair + Box Fade Haircut

short curly hair box fade haircut
Raw Image Barbershop

17. Southside Fade

southside fade
Fuss The Barber

18. Fade Haircut With Hair Design

fade haircut with hair design
Jordan Rutledge

19. Stylish Haircuts For Short Curly Hair

stylish haircuts short curly hair
Raymond Roldán

20. Haircuts For Thinning Curly Hair

haircuts for thinning curly hair
Mario Escajeda

21. Fringe Haircut

fringe haircut
Ego Barbers

22. Short Curly Hair Crop Haircut

short curly hair crop haircut
Michael Kelly

23. Quiff Haircut For Short Curly Hair

quiff haircut for short curly hair
Matt J.

24. Short Textured Men’s Haircut For Curly Hair

Dmitry Kosterin

25. Cool Pompadour Haircut For Short Curly Hair

cool pompadour haircut for short curly hair
Sur Barbers

26. Slicked Back Hairstyle For Short Curly Hair

slicked back hairstyle for short curly hair

27. Short Haircut With Shaved Sides And Curly Hair

short haircut with shaved sides and curly hair
Talitha Madison

28. Short Summer Haircut For Men With Curly Hair

short summer haircut for men with curly hair
David Vetter

29. Short Men’s Curly Haircut With A Hard Part

Ryan Cullen

30. Short Choppy Haircut + Curly Hair

short choppy haircut curly hair
Anthony Giannotti

Medium Curly Hair Styles

31. Short Sides + Medium Curly Hair On Top

short sides medium curly hair on top
Victor Hugo

32. Messy Curly Hair – Medium Length

messy curly hair medium length
Johnny Snips

33. Classic Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

classic haircut for medium curly hair
Jordan – Roots Barber Co.

34. Flow Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

flow haircut for medium curly hair
Glenn McGoldrick

35. Layered Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

layered haircut for medium curly hair
Alex Palov

36. Undercut For Medium Curly Hair

undercut for medium curly hair
Raymond Roldán

37. Blowout Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

Barbearia Th Do Corte

38. Medium Length Taper Haircuts For Curly Hair

medium length taper haircuts for curly hair
Johnny Snips

39. Low Fade Haircuts For Medium Curly Hair

low fade haircuts for medium curly hair
Dmitry Kosterin

40. Mid Fade Haircuts For Medium Curly Hair

mid fade haircuts for medium curly hair
Brian Gutierrez

41. High Fade Haircuts For Medium Hair

high fade haircuts for medium hair
Petey Rock the Barber

42. Medium Length Loose Curly Hairstyles

medium length loose curly hairstyles
Glenn Blackburn

43. Slicked Back Curly Hair Hairstyle In Medium Length

fringe haircut for medium curly hair
Wade Blaauboer

44. Stylish Haircuts For Medium Length Curly Hair

Alvaro The Barber

45. Dyed Curly Hair Haircuts

dyed curly hair haircuts
Jordan – Roots Barber Co.

46. Shag Haircut + Curly Hair

shag haircut curly hair
Travis Briggs

47. Curly Hair Mullet Haircut

curly hair mullet haircut
Uredništvo Pričesk Robert

48. Shaved Sides + Medium On Top

shaved sides medium on top
Wade Blaauboer

49. Drop Fade And Curly Hair

drop fade and curly hair
Vic Blends

50. Medium Bald Fade Haircut For Curly Hair

medium bald fade haircut for curly hair
Smash Tha Legend

51. Mohawk Fade With Medium Curly Hair On Top

mohawk fade with medium curly hair on top
Jose Crespo

52. Shadow Fade And Medium Curly Hair

shadow fade and medium curly hair
Cole Buerkle

53. Temple Fade And Medium Curly Hair

Travis Hill

54. Temp Fade And Medium Curly Hair

temp fade and medium curly hair
Fran Aranda

55. Burst Fade And Medium Curly Hair

burst fade and medium curly hair
Petey Rock the Barber

56. Stylish Haircuts For Medium Curly Hair

stylish haircuts medium curly hair
Curl Ninja

57. Fringe Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

fringe haircut for medium curly hair
Whitney VerMeer

58. Crop Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

crop haircut for medium curly hair
Johnny Snips

59. TexturedHaircut For Medium Curly Hairy hair

textured haircut for medium curly hair
Brian Gutierrez

60. Medium Curly Hair Side Part Haircut

medium curly hair side part haircut
Eddie Rosado

61. Comb Over Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

comb over haircut medium curly hair
Ignite Models

62. Pompadour Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

pompadour haircut for medium curly hair
Glenn Blackburn

63. Medium Length Coily-Curly Hair


64. Medium Curly Hair Haircut With Shaved Sides

medium curly hair haircut with shaved sides
Mohammad Hamze

65. Layered Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

Layered Haircut For Medium Curly Hair
Charlie Cullen

66. Choppy Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

choppy haircut for medium curly hair
Russ the Barber

67. Temp Fade + Medium Curly Haircut

Temp Fade + Medium Curly Haircut
Whitney VerMeer

68. Taper Haircut for Curly Hair Men

Nomad Barber LDN

Long Curly Hair Styles

69. Undercut + Long Curly Hair

undercut long curly hair
Ken Nguyen

70. Cool Fade With Long Hair On Top

cool fade with long hair on top
A the Barb

71. Messy Curly Hair + Long Length

messy curly hair long length
Curl Ninja

72. Long Loose Curly Hairstyles

long loose curly hairstyles
Max Dos Santos

73. Long Layered Haircut For Curly Hair

long layered haircut for curly hair
Fede Hair

74. Long Slicked Back Curly Hair Hairstyle

long slicked back curly hair hairstyle
Matthew Conrad

75. Shaved Sides + Long On Top

shaved sides long on top
Fran Aranda

76. Bob Haircut For Long Curly Hair

bob haircut for long curly hair
Fran Caruso

77. Shoulder Length Curly Hair Hairstyles

shoulder length curly hair hairstyles
Fede Hair

The Best Curly Hair Products For Men

We already talked about how to deal with curly hair. Make the most of your cool curly cut by using the right product. Here are a few of the best hair products for men with curly hair in order of highest to lowest hold.

Best Pomade For Curly Hair

  • Smooth Viking Hair Clay – For short curly hairstyles, this high-hold, matte pomade amps up texture. It’s perfect for crops, tapers, and fades.
  • Hair Craft Co. Pomade – This strong hold, semi-matte product replaces hair gel, one of the easiest to use products for curly hair. It’s perfect for defining curls and keeping them in place on top of the head or over to one side.
  • OSiS+ THRILL Fibre Gum – For texture and hold, elastic fibers allow flexible and moldable looks plus shine and separation. This type of product is excellent for curly hair, especially for hold in the heat or during activity.

Best Gel For Curly Hair

Hair gel is a surprisingly controversial product. Not all hair gels are good but they are also not all bad. Gels work well for curly hair because they lock down texture without frizz. Use gel to style hair or create a gel cast. For the cast method, lightly scrunch gel through almost dry hair and let it dry all the way. Then remove the gel by scrunching hair again. You should be left with well defined and frizz-free curls.

  • Bumble and bumble Anti-Humidity Gel Oil Specifically designed to address the needs of curly, coily, and kinky, as well as thick hair, this product combines the hold of a gel with conditioning oils. It also helps elongate curls, which helps if you’re growing hair out.
  • SexyHair Hard Up Hard Holding Gel This ultra strong hold gel works well for the gel cast method or styling.
  • Imperial Gel Pomade – Another hybrid hair product, this unique formula combines the hold of a gel with hydration of a pomade. It works well for the thickest and curliest of hair.

Best Hair Cream For Curly Hair

Hair creams are made for curly hair because they are easy to apply and condition hair. Formulas range in strength so use a lightweight formula with a pomade or a stronger hold formula by itself. Check out our hair cream post for more recommendations.

  • Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Control Cream This cream does it all. Apply it to damp hair to condition all day, smooth frizz, and protect from heat or sun damage. Judging by the number of reviewers from Florida, America’s humidity capital, this is the real deal.

Best Oil For Curly Hair

Best Shampoo For Curly Hair

For the most part, you can’t go wrong with a shampoo made for curly hair. Always look for sulfate-free formulas that won’t dry out hair.

Best Conditioner For Curly Hair

We’ve talked and talked and talked about conditioning curly hair. Here are three great products at low, medium, and higher price points. Leave conditioner as long as possible in the shower.

Best Leave-In Conditioner For Curly Hair

Leave-in conditioner can be used after your regular conditioner or own its own. It will help lock in moisture from the shower and fight frizz.

Best Brush For Curly Hair

To brush curly hair, use a detangling brush or paddle brush with wide set bristles. Brushing wet or damp hair helps prevent breakage. If your prefer a comb, use a wide toothed comb. Some people swear that wood is gentler on hair but of course plastic is cheaper.

Hair Straightener Products

There are a number of different ways to straighten curly hair. Any permanent method is damaging so we’re going to talk about the temporary methods. The easiest way to straighten curly hair is with a strong pomade, like Suavecito, and style hair into a pompadour or combover style. If that’s not enough, use a blow dryer too. Always apply a heat protectant spray to prevent damage and frizz. More about that below.

Hair Color For Curly Hair

Any hair color goes for curly hair, whether you want to add highlights, lighten dark hair, darken light hair, or taste the rainbow with red, blue, or green hair. All of these types of color damage and dry out hair so shampoo even less or use a hydrating shampoo and condition more, especially with a mask, deep conditioning treatment, or leave-in conditioner.

How To Style Curly Hair

Styling curly hair for men is really easy. If you want to comb or brush wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush that won’t damage hair. When hair is more dry than damp, work in your favorite cream, pomade, or gel. Then scrunch hair with fingers to distribute products and set the curl. Longer hair means more scrunching but just do it until you like the look. Now let hair finish drying.

How To Blow Dry Curly Hair

If you don’t want to wait for curly hair to air dry, bring on the blow dryer. To maintain curls and fight frizz, use the diffuser attachment that came with the hair dryer or buy one if you don’t have one. It looks like a round spiky comb.

  • Gently towel hair dry (not with a towel) until damp
  • Apply heat protectant and scrunch hair
  • Gather a section of hair onto the diffuser and pressing it up against your scalp. Then just hold it there for a minute or 3, until hair is mostly but not all the way dry. Use low-medium height but high air is fine.
  • Continue until hair is about 80% dry
  • Add your pomade, cream, or gel and scrunch hair into place
  • Let it air dry

How To Blow Dry Curly Hair Straight

Curly hair is great but sometimes you want a different look. Enter the blow dryer again. This time you want the opposite of the diffuser, the concentrator. It’s a wide channel that directs hair in one place, helping to straighten hair and boost shine. You can use just fingers to blow dry curly hair straight but for tighter curls or ultra-straight hair, use a vented brush to really pull hair tight.

  • Gently towel hair dry (not with a towel) until damp
  • Apply heat protectant and scrunch hair
  • Grab a section of hair at the front with fingers or a brush, pull it straight, and blast air from the roots to tips. Stick to medium or lower height to minimize hair damage.
  • Repeat until hair is dry.
  • For stubborn hair, finish with a flat iron.
  • Make sure hair stays straight by working in a medium to strong hold product. For hair that stands up to any weather from humidity to wind, finish with some hair spray.

Growing Out Curly Hair

Curly hair grows at the same rate as straight hair, about half an inch a month. But because it grows in coils instead of straight, it can look and feel like it takes longer to gain length. If you want to grow out curly hair, here’s how to keep hair healthy and looking it’s best.

1. Be Gentle Curly hair is more prone to breakage than other hair types. Brush wet hair with a wide-tooth comb or detangling bush to protect curls from damage.

2. No Poo It’s getting repetitive for us too but it needs to be said. Curly hair should be shampooed as little as possible. Aim for once a week if you can but every other day works.

3. Condition Curly hair is thirsty for added moisture. In addition to helping hair look and feel better, additional conditioning helps prevent breakage. The best way to care for curly hair is no shampoo or a non-soap product, conditioner in every shower, and additional deep conditioner at minimum once a month.

4. Stretch It Out Different curl types shrink up to as much as 30 to 75% of their straight length. To make hair appear longer, use products that elongate the curls like Ouidad Curl Cream. It’s a temporary fix but also shows what longer locks will look like.

5. Haircuts It may seem counterintuitive to cut your hair while growing it out but it’s about the end game. Especially with curly hair, maintaining an attractive shape is essential to helping you keep going. Let your barber or stylist know that you want to grow hair out and they can give you a cut that looks great today and will continue to look good as it gets longer. Avoiding any awkward phases makes the process of growing hair longer rewarding every step of the way.

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