60 Best Long Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men (2020 Styles)

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Most men should try long hair once in their lifetime. While growing out your hair can be fun and exciting, long hairstyles can be a challenge to cut and style. Fortunately, there are many trendy hairstyles for men with long hair that look good and are easy to pull off. If you’re one of those guys with long hair who can rock the look, then these cool styles are perfect for you! Long haircuts for men include a variety of styles such as the man bun, ponytail, man braid, middle part, and simply letting your longer hair flow naturally. It is important to note that men’s hairstyles for long hair do require extra care, including not shampooing every day and trimming regularly to avoid split ends. If you’re ready to explore the latest new haircut styles, check out the best long hairstyles and haircuts for men to inspire you.

Long Hair Men

Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair

Long Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hairstyles can transform medium length to long hair into a classy and polished style for men. By brushing back the thick hair in the front and middle of your head, guys can create a flowing look that prevents loose or messy strands from sticking out and appearing uncouth. A slick back is brilliant if you suffer from cowlicks, too. Guys will need to use a strong pomade or mousse to create the shine that is synonymous with the slick back. Moreover, it’s best to style your long hair with a comb rather than your fingers. Men with fine hair may require a thickening product like wax or clay for a naturally textured finish that will make the hairstyle look fuller and thicker.

Long Slicked Back Hair


A ponytail is the most hassle-free way to wear long hair. Although it’s been overshadowed by the man bun in recent years, a ponytail is still a fantastic option for guys who want a trendy aesthetic without too much maintenance. Aside from pulling your hair back so that it’s taut, you should focus on adding shine to avoid looking ungainly. Brushing it thoroughly is a tried and tested method, but you can add a splash of liquid to moisturize the follicles and eliminate frizz for a smooth style. If a ponytail gets boring, consider switching the angle from a low position to a high one, or vice versa, and incorporate a new dimension. For inspiration, you should follow Chris Hemsworth’s ponytail game because it’s on-point when he’s on the go.

Man Ponytail

Textured Long Wavy Hair

Long textured waves are notorious with heartthrobs and movie stars, with Harry Styles bringing this fashion back into popularity recently. Jason Mamoa is another famous Hollywood celebrity with textured wavy long hair. As you can tell from these examples, long waves are flexible and versatile, switching between sexy and handsome and sexy and manly. The modern version incorporates a pompadour into the mix to offset the fluidity, which you can achieve by blow-drying your fringe up and back, then letting it dry naturally. However, if you only want to focus on defining your kinks, the trick is to avoid brushing. Instead, you need to highlight your natural waves by applying hair product and scrunching up your hair for added definition. A mousse or spray with sea salt will give you the texturized, surfer aesthetic that guys after a day at the beach.

Textured Long Wavy Hair

Man Bun

Like a ponytail, a man bun is a classic trend for long hair that isn’t going anywhere. In many ways, the ponytail hairstyle has become more iconic with time because it’s stylish and practical for guys with longer hair. Plus, it’s versatile enough to wear professionally or outside the office, which is a bonus for men with long hair as overgrown locks can appear wild and cluttered. As a rule, your man ban should reflect the laid back and relaxed nature of your hairstyle, as if it’s too formal, it’s counterproductive. With that in mind, a smart move is to position the bun just below the crown and loosen it a little so that it isn’t high and tight. Another cool tip is to let strands from your tied-up hair poke out from the bun to cement the casual appeal.

Man Bun

Long Hair with Middle Part

Long hair with a part is a great way to change up your style once in awhile. Whether the part is at the side or down the middle of your head, the different proportions ensure that your cut is visually striking. But, this doesn’t mean it’s hard or sharp. Like all great long hairstyles, a part lets you keep the soft vibe men find refreshing. For a side part, you can train your hair to stay in place by tucking the sides behind your ear after sweeping it over. Hairspray can assist if your overgrown sides are impossible to maintain. If you want to do a center part, you need to draw a line down the middle of your head after washing your hair to create a border and move everything to either side. Beards are always nice, but no facial hair keeps it youthful and clean-cut.

Long Hair with Middle Part

Half-Up Half-Down Bun

Chris Hemsworth best exemplifies the half-up and half-down man bun trend in his role as Thor. While stands hang loose and drop-down, he also has a man bun or small ponytail that lifts part of this style upwards. In many ways, this trend is bold and edgy since it’s tough to get right, and you must be confident even if you nail it the first time. On the flip side, it’s chic and cool as it mixes the relaxed nature of long hair with the low-maintenance appeal of tying up your hair. To obtain this cut, you need to pull around one-third of your hair back from the middle section, before securing it in a loose bun or ponytail. You can incorporate more texture by layering the top hair that remains or not washing it for a day or two.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle For Men


Long braids enable you to switch up your hairstyle depending on your mood. The classic long braid trend is perfect if you’re after a stylish cut with plenty of substance as the plaits require little maintenance yet come with a striking design. If you fancy attempting something more daring, you can braid your hair along the top and sides of your head and tie the remaining strands into a thick bun. The contrast from this look is very eye-catching as the fullness of the bun works perfectly with the sleek, minimal style of the plaits. A ponytail is just as effective as a man bun, and its loose nature means you can appear fashionably casual.

Long Braids

Long Curly Hair

Men with long curly hair can show off their beautiful curls in all their glory. Although lots of men try to curb them, there isn’t a better way to create an originally attention-grabbing style than letting them grow out. Aside from the length, the texture and thickness of the curls are visually striking, while they also flatter softer facial features. You should beware that long curls require plenty of maintenance work as you don’t want them to appear frizzy and untamed. Instead, you want smoothness twinned with their natural bounce. To do this, it’s vital that you condition your hair regularly, and use hair products that contain moisture. The last point is critical because it’s easy to texturize your curls and remove the natural water and oil, so make sure you read the packaging before heading to the checkout.

Long Curly Hair Men

Long Straight Hair

The difference between long and straight hair and short and straight hair is night and day. The latter is flat, has no wow factor, and only suits a handful of cuts, whereas the former is bold from the outset. This is because of the way long and straight hair flows down towards the floor as it’s an aesthetic that you normally associate with women, not men. What you must decide is whether you want your hair to be smooth or full of texture. Smoothness is easy to achieve by brushing it thoroughly when it’s wet, yet consistency is more challenging. Blow drying your locks should maintain a polished finish while making your hair rougher.

Long Straight Hair Men


Dreadlocks are associated with men of African American descent, but they are accessible to everybody as long as your hair is long. There’s no doubt they take a lot of preparation and taking care of, yet you can’t replicate the style with another trend. Dreadlocks is a one-of-a-kind style, making them perfect for guys who like an edgy cut. Another reason you’ll love dreads is that they work well with different styles. You can wear them in a man bun, sweep them to the side with a part, or use a fade or undercut to incorporate a fresh contrast. Remember that texture is the core principle of dreadlocks as the grainy, frizzy consistency upgrades long hair that’s dull.

Long Dreadlocks

Long Hair with Beard

Men with long hair look rugged and sexy when they grow and style a beard. However, some guys who like long hairstyles avoid facial hair because it takes away from the “pretty boy” look that makes long locks popular with teen guys and young men. However, adding facial hair to your style will make a statement that’s hard to ignore. The key is to choose the right beard length and style to complement your long hair and always keep your facial hair groomed and maintained. If you have long thick hair, we recommend you grow a full thick beard and not a patchy one.

Long Hair with Beard

Long Hair Undercut

A long undercut is a daring hairstyle that’s for fashionable men that want to keep on top of the latest trends and avoid appearing boring to the rest of the public. You achieve the look by shaving down the sides so that they are significantly shorter than the hair up top. Rather than trimming everything else down to size, you leave it to grow, creating the exceptionally edgy long undercut. The modern way to wear this cut is to sweep the hair over to one side, highlighting the undercut on the other side. But, you can wear your long hair up if you prefer by combing it into a high position that looks gravity-defying.

Long Hair Undercut

Long Gray Hair

Long gray hair is a brilliant alternative for older gentlemen that are tired of trimming their hair short for a sophisticated look. If you want to appear younger and vibrant, you can let your hair grow out and match your hairstyle with a dapper closet. This will give you the best of both worlds as your hair won’t be as clean-cut, yet your clothes will make up for the imbalance. Try adding a beard or goatee to ensure you have the confidence required to nail this flattering appearance.

Long Gray Hair Men

Long Hair For Asian Men

Asian men with long hair look good for several reasons. First, Asian guys tend to have thick locks that grow quickly and flow in the right direction. Secondly, Asian hair is often straight, which makes it perfect for long hairstyles. Thirdly, there is a rich cultural history with Asian nations and long hair, especially Japan and the Japanese. As such, letting your hair grow is a seamless transition if you’re Asian and will instantly upgrade your style. The best choice is to opt for a straight and long variation that ties in with the tradition of Asian hairstyles.

Long Hair For Asian Men

Long Blonde Hair

You don’t need to have long blonde hair to wear your hair long, but it is more striking thanks to the light, bright hue that isn’t available with darker shades of hair. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural blonde since highlights or bleached hair are great color ideas. By doing this, your style will be much warmer and more welcoming due to the soft blonde tones. Think of a surfer dude vibe, especially if your hair is naturally wavy and kinky.

Long Blonde Hair Men

How To Cut Men’s Long Hair

Even if you’re growing your hair out, it’s important for men to regularly cut long hair. If you are trying to maximize your growth rate and make your hair grow faster and thicker, you’ll want to trim the tips every 2 to 3 months to prevent any split-ends. Further, you may need to get an undercut or fade haircut on the sides to pull off a cool man bun fade or long side swept undercut. Lastly, a professional stylist can also layer your hair to add more flair and style to your trendy long hairstyle.

How To Cut Men’s Long Hair

Whatever the reason, men should still visit barbershops even for long haircuts. While some guys with long hair may think it is easy to cut their hair at home, if you’ve gone through all the trouble to grow it out, we recommend visiting a skilled barber or stylist to avoid messing up your cut. If you’re still convinced you want to risk it, invest in professional shears and a 3-way mirror and take it slow.

When experimenting with different long haircut styles, you’ll want to tell your hairstylist exactly how you want to style your long hair. Clear communication allows the professional cutting your hair to advise you as well as cut your hair properly with your vision in mind. If necessary, you can always bring a picture as an example of the hairstyle you want to achieve.

How To Style Long Hair For Men

Styling the best men’s long hairstyles can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be hard work if you use the following tips and tricks to style long hair for men:

  • Long slicked back hair is a sophisticated option as the shine accentuates your flowing locks.
  • You can eliminate maintaining and styling your long hair by pulling it into a man bun or ponytail.
  • Pick a hairstyle that takes advantage of your natural hair type and texture. There are several popular trends for wavy, curly, fine, thick and straight long hair.
  • Edgy men who want a daring look should consider an original style, such as a long undercut, dreadlocks, or a center part.
  • Men with beards look sexy and rugged with longer length hair.
  • Professional men can style a long hairstyle by keeping their hair clean and well-kept then brushed back or tied up.
  • Always use good shampoos, conditioners and styling products to grow and style long hair.

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