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Kid’s haircuts can be short and easy, fun and unique, or somewhere in between. These popular boy’s haircuts feature classic cuts, hot trends, and all-around good looks.

There’s no reason not to get creative with kid’s hair. Hair color, shaved designs, or trendy cuts may be forbidden later so why not let them have fun now. You’re never too young to be stylish or express yourself.

Some of these haircuts for boys are styled but all will look great with or without hair product or styling (sometimes even brushing if that’s a battle you’re fighting). Whether your kid has short, long, curly, or black hair we’ve got a cute haircut for him.

These are 55 of the most popular boy’s haircuts to get right now. For more ideas check out our top 100 haircuts.

1. Short Textured Haircut For Boys

Boys short haircut
Alan Beak

Short spiky styles are one of the most popular haircuts for boys. They also look great without styling but a touch of product goes beyond for special occasions or superhero outfits.

2. Little Boy Haircuts – Classic vs. Crop

Little boy haircuts
Josh Connolly

Haircuts for little boys can skew classic, like the cut with bangs on the right, or trendy, like with popular crop haircut.

3. Short Crop Haircut For Toddler Boys

Toddler Boy Haircuts
Alan Beak

This short crop haircut should keep you and your toddler boy out of the barbershop for a good while. This wide-toothed comb is how you get this textured style but the cut will look just as good with some bedhead.

4. Boy’s Short Haircuts + Mid Fade

boys hairstyles for short hair
Josh Connolly

This textured crop is one of the top men’s hair trends of late and also one of the best haircuts for boys. It works for every hair type and tames wavy, curly, and thick hair.

5. Black Boy’s Haircuts With Taper Fade

Black boys haircuts
Team Hairbenders

This cool taper fade keeps the edges sharp while the hair on top has some textured volume. It’s a good-looking haircut for black boys of all ages.

6. Teen Boy Crop Haircuts

Teen Boy Haircuts
Alan Beak

Most men’s hair trends can be adapted for boys and teens, especially if they want to style their own hair. The textured cuts and tousled styles that are popular this year cool short styles that are easy to style. Try a hair wax to get this textured look. It’s a great product for guys new to the hair game.

7. Boy’s Long Haircuts

Boys long hair haircuts
Egor Bezrukov

As we’ve said before, growing hair out takes more than quitting the barber. Regular trims maintain an attractive shape and cutting out weight. With a great cut, the need for styling is minimized.

8. Toddler Haircut For Boys With Textured Fringe

Toddler Haircuts for Boys

Fine or light-colored toddler hair shouldn’t be cut too short. This cut leaves enough length on top to fully cover the scalp.

9. Textured Undercut Cool Haircut For Boys

Cool Haircuts For Boys
Jordan Rutledge

Either the shaved star hair design or designer bedhead on top is cool but together, they are unstoppable.

10. Buzz Cut + Fade Haircut For Boys

Boy's Fade Haircut
Riyaaz Mclendon

This combination of a buzz cut, line up, and fade is one of the most popular haircuts for men and kids alike. It’s super short but so smooth.

11. Hair Designs For Boys + Spiky Pompadour

Hair designs for boys

Kids hairstyles can get really creative, especially when it comes to hair designs. The shaved sides leave a wide mohawk-style strip up top that looks cool spiked up but doesn’t have to be styled.

12. Short Spiky Crop Haircut

Popular boys haircuts short and textured
Mātū Barber Company

It’s not too surprising that this trendy and popular short haircut for men is just as trendy and popular with boys. The cut is designed to enhance texture even without any hair gel or pomade.

13. Haircuts For Little Boys With Curly Hair

Haircuts For Little Boys With Curly Hair
Josh Connolly

These ringlets are cut into a perfect halo of curls.

14. Haircuts For Boys With Curly Hair + High Fade

Haircuts For Boys With Curly Hair
Alan Beak

Older boys with curly hair will want this cool version of the trendy French crop with plenty of textured fringe.

15. Mixed Boy’s Haircuts For Natural Curls

Mixed Boys Haircuts
Mātū Barber Company

Mixed boys tend to have tightly curled hair. This high top fade is a cool way to wear curly hair for kids.

16. Curly Haircuts For Boys

Curly Haircuts For Boys
Isaiah Hernandez

Here’s another curly high and tight that holds on to textured hair without needing any styling.

17. Little Black Boy Haircuts

Little black boy haircuts
Nick the Barber

This short fade haircut with a shaved line would look great on boys all of ages but is especially cute on this youngster.

18. Cute Boy Haircuts With Longer Messy Hair

Cute boy haircuts
Dean Anthony Salon

This longer cut is a messy take on the classic cute boy’s haircut. Layering adds some texture that adds a cool touch to an otherwise preppy look.

19. Long Hairstyles for Boys

Long Hairstyles for Boys
Jude Lipsey

Long hair is increasingly popular for boys. This gorgeous mane is cut to one length all over to highlight healthy, thick hair.

20. Long Hair Haircut For Boys

Long Hair Haircut For Boys
Love Hair Studio

This undercut hairstyle with long hair couldn’t be cooler. Hair is long and short at the same to so you can wear down or pull it up into a man bun.

21. Little Boy Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Little Boy Hairstyles
Aron Jeron

It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

22. Cute Toddler Boy Hairstyles

Toddler boy hairstyles
Hannah Moon

Those toddler curls may not last so don’t rush to cut them off. This side part haircut keeps plenty of waves while cutting hair manageably short at the sides and back.

23. Boys Haircuts With Long On Top

Boys haircuts long on top short sides
Neil Smyth Hair

This cool cut shows long hair on top styled into a pompadour. Hair also looks great worn loose and over to one side.

24. The Classic Boy’s Haircut

the boy cut
Chris Boos

Here’s a fresh boy cut with that classic fringe and a modern fade at the back.

25. Cool Kid’s Haircuts For Short Hair

Cool kids haircuts
Mātū Barber Company

This short haircut wouldn’t be as exciting without the shaved line but it would still look good.

26. Kid’s Fade Haircut For Thick Hair

Kids fade haircut for boys
Petey Rock the Barber

The fade is popular with boys for the same reason it is popular with men: it looks great, grows out clean, and elevates every hairstyle. It’s also an attractive way to manage thick hair for guys of all ages.

27. Boy’s Trendy Haircuts: Side Part

Boys trendy haircuts

This comb over fade is a cool haircut that boys can wear. It’s so easy to style too. Work some pomade into the hair and comb it over to the side.

28. Short Hairstyles For Boys

Short haircut for boys
Hills Barber Lounge

Here’s a modern and young take on the Ivy League, the longer version of the crew cut.

29. Cool Hairstyles For Boys: Textured Faux-Hawk

Cool hairstyles for boys with spiky textures
Taylor Armstrong

This cut is mostly short with longer hair at the center of the head and at the hairline. This tousled look is stylish beyond his years but would also be cool up in a faux hawk.

30. Low Fade Haircut For Black Boys + Flat-Top

Fade Haircut for Black Boys
Petey Rock the Barber

The fade drops down while hair on top goes up.

31. Boy’s Crew Cut

Boys crew cut haircut

This longer version of the crew cut is a good length for boys but shorter versions work too.

32. Best New Haircut For Boys With Textures

Best new haircut for boys with textures

Of course the best haircut for boys suit their wishes, personality, and hair type. This cut ranks high because it’s a top trend for guys around the world with a flattering shape and texture.

33. Good Haircuts For Boys With Thick Hair

Good haircut for boys with thick hair

Here’s a modern day version of Dennis the Menace with so much more style.

34. Black Boy Fade Haircuts With Hair Color

Black boy fade haircuts
Petey Rock the Barber

This high top haircut has it all the cut, the color, and the fade.

35. Short Haircut For Boys With High Fade

short haircut for boys with high fade
Petey Rock the Barber

Here’s another haircut that’s popular with boys and men alike. It’s crisp, clean, easy to wear.

36. 5-Year-Old Boy Haircuts With Spiky Textures

 5-year-old boy haircuts
Petey Rock the Barber

Here is a fun and stylish haircut for making that preschool to kindergarten transition. Spike it up a bit for the first day of school or special events.

37. Stylish Haircut For Boys With Long Fringe

Stylish haircut for boys textured undercut
Jordan Rutledge

This is kind of a fohawk-mohawk haircut but styled with lots of trendy texture. It’s a cool punk-skater-sports style for all kids.

38. Cool Flat-Top Haircuts For Black Boys

Cool black boy fade haircuts
Mātū Barber Company

This timeless men’s haircut adds height and panache.

39. Boy’s Medium Haircuts With Messy Textures

Boys medium haircuts
Mātū Barber Company

Chunky texture adds some cool factor to this cute medium length hairstyle for boys.

40. Cute Boy Hairstyles For Longer Hair

Cute boy hairstyles
Demid Lyamin

Childhood is the time of your life with the healthiest hair and skin so celebrate it with some length.

41. Very Short Little Boy Haircuts

Short crop haircut for boys with high fade
The Basement Barbers

This is a great looking short crop haircut for boys with a mid to high skin fade.

42. Buzzcut + Bald Fade Haircut For Boys

Buzzcut haircut for boys
Chris Boos

After growing hair out, it’s a delight to expose see your little one’s beautiful eyes and chubby cheeks. This buzz cut is also so fun to rub.

43. Short Spiky Little Boy Haircuts With High Fade

Little boy short haircuts
Mariela Hurtado

Here’s another example of revealing those lovely little boy features with a short haircut.

44. Boy’s Faux Hawk

Boys faux hawk haircut
Nick the Barber

If hair isn’t long enough for a mohawk, try this cool short faux hawk that starts off wide at the hairline and tapers into a V at the neckline.

45. Boy’s Long Hairstyles

Long hair hairstyles for boys
Mitrii Akulenko

In addition to being popular with the really big kids, longer hair on boys is a huge trend. Keep fringe short enough to see and try a hat or beanie as well as boy bun to keep hair under control.

46. Boy’s Shaggy Haircut

Boys shaggy haircut
Roberto Sala

Curls at the end of medium hair and a hint of a part make this a modern version of the classic bowl cut.

47. Curly Mohawk Haircut

Black boy natural curls mohawk haircut
Luis O. Melendez

Curls bring height while a burst fade gives that mohawk shape. It’s a cool and fun cut for boys with curly hair.

48. Boy’s Mohawk Haircut

Spiky mohawk haircut for boys
Rachel Neaveh

This boy has the attitude for this mohawk hairstyle. Try a hair gel to spike hair up but the mohawk looks cool down too.

49. Cute Hairstyles For Preschool Boys

Cute Hairstyles For Preschool Boys
Petey Rock the Barber

A big boy haircut to start preschool right.

50. Curly Haircuts For Boys

 Curly hair haircuts for boys
Ben Warren

Here’s that trendy French crop fade with texture from curly hair.

51. African-American Boy’s Haircuts

Natural curls flat-top haircut
Raggos Barbering

This high top fade is on point for all ages but looks especially cool on a kid.

52. Boys Undercut + Hard Part + Slicked Comb Over

Boys undercut haircut
Petey Rock the Barber

This stylish fellow is rocking a shaved undercut with combed over. This cut can also be styling into a slick back, combover, spikes or worn down.

53. Skater Boy Hair

Skater Boy Haircut
 Trencita Johnson

That long side-swept fringe is the signature of skater boy hair.

54. Soccer Haircuts for Boys

Soccer Player Haircuts for Boys
Gelin Suarez

This undercut fade – side part – comb over hairstyle has been a favorite with soccer players because it looks great, even during a game. Grown-up haircuts can have the opposite effect and make kids look their age by revealing their youthful features.

55. Trendy Hairstyles for Boys

Trendy Hairstyles for Boys
Petey Rock the Barber

We’ll leave you with an on-trend look that is adorable for boys too. This is a heavy French crop with lots of length and weight in the fringe. Sides aren’t too short and have a taper fade for clean ages. It’s the ultimate balance of cute and cool.

So there you have it, 55 boys haircuts that are on trend this year and look great.

For more ideas, check out this article showing the best haircuts for teen boys.

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