5 Top Hair Salons in Reno, Nevada

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Discover 5 top hair salons in Reno, Nevada. These are popular and well-liked salons within the “biggest little city in the world”. Great list – must see.

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Looking for a hair salon in Reno, Nevada?

Let us help.  We put together a list of 5 top hair salons located and serving the city of Reno, Nevada.  Check them out below.  Not in any particular order.

Jensen & Co. Salon

Jensen & Co. Salon in Reno, NV

The Team at Jensen & Co. Salon not only provide an amazing service, but a total experience. The salon offers a huge range of services, from hair and nails to massage and permanent cosmetics. The salon itself sits inside of an old, repurposed firehouse. From the moment you walk in the door, the experience is unlike any salon you’ve ever been to. The staff have a reputation for going above and beyond to ensure their clients are as happy as possible. The salon offers a huge color bar, allowing you to get super creative with your next hair color. The unmatched ambiance and client experience make Jensen & Co. a top hair salon in Reno.

Tribe Salon

Tribe Salon in Reno, NV

Tribe Salon was founded by a group of hair stylists that wanted to incorporate artistry and design into salon services. Tribe’s stylists are forward-thinking people who live for new inspiration. You can’t help but feel artistically inspired at Tribe! The staff put a lot of time and effort into conducting a thorough hair consultation to ensure client satisfaction—they promise to help you accentuate your best features and highlight your unique style. Tribe offers hair care products that are vegan cruelty-free to support their mission of giving back and caring for the planet. The good vibes at Tribe Salon keep clients coming back.

Tangerine Salon Spa

Tangerine Salon Spa in Reno, Nevada

The staff at Tangerine Salon Spa are committed to helping their clients look and feel beautiful. They claim to be able to mix up hair colors that no one else can—they call their special mixology “color couture.” The salon makes sure every client experiences the best in inner and outer wellness during their visit. Tangerine Salon Spa was designed to be a healthy outlet for the stresses of the modern world, so rest and rejuvenation are the main focus. Clients love the beauty of the salon and the little extras—like head massages—that the staff use to help them unwind. Bridal services and men’s services are available here, too!

An Epic Salon

Epic Salon located in Reno, NV

Serving the Reno area for over ten years, the expert staff at An Epic Salon are known for transforming the most treacherous hair-dos into works of art. The staff pride themselves on their dedication to their clientele. The salon offers color, cuts, makeup, and high-quality extensions. The Keratin Straightening Treatment is definitely a client favorite! The salon is a staple of the community and many clients have been visiting regularly for years. Clients rave about this place, claiming one can “enter looking like a troll and leave looking like a goddess!”

Eye Candy Salon

Eye Candy Hair Salon in Reno, NV

Eye Candy Salon stylists are masters of beauty and color. Their goal is to make sure their clients turn heads when they leave the salon! Eye Candy offers hair, nail, and extension services. The salon is owned by color master Jessica Abbott, who is backed by industry experts with over thirty years of combined experience. Women in Reno call Eye Candy Salon their “favorite place for self-indulgence.” Expertise.com recently named Eye Candy Salon as one of the top 5 hair salons in Reno for 2018.

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