5 Top Hair Salons in Olympia, Washington

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Check out these 5 top hair salons in Olympia, Washington if you’re looking to get a perm, an updo, a haircut, hair color, spa, or any other personalized services and hair treatment options.

The Washington State capitol in Olympia.

Olympia may not be one of the largest cities or the most populated, but it is the Washington state’s capital. Other larger cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, Tacoma, Port Townsend, and Steilacoom all attempted to snatch the throne as the state’s capital.

Olympia’s Sister Cities, both located in Asia, are Kato in southern Japan and NanChang in southeastern China. Their Sister City relationship means the cities maintain active cultural exchange and friendship through visits and projects.

If you happen to be in Olympia and looking for some capital hairdo and makeover, check out our list below for the city’s top hair salons.

Capelli Salon And Spa

Woman with huge blonde curly hair.

Having a good hairdresser who knows precisely what they are doing is incredibly important, especially if you are getting your hair done for a big day. If you have somewhere to go to where you want to look your very best, this is the place to turn to.

One of the things that this salon is particularly known for is the kind of hairstyling procedures that they offer. The salon is also known for providing a large range of hair treatment services to give your hair that essential pampering, and to make it seem voluminous and beautiful. The salon is also known to be incredibly accommodating to its customers and tries to offer them nothing short of the very best.

Olympia Hair Company

Blonde woman getting a hair treatment service from her stylist.

If you are looking for a place that can take your hair and give you a complete makeover, this is the place to visit. Olympia Hair Company has consistently gained a lot of positivity from the clients who have visited them and sought their services. The salon offers a number of special treatments to give your hair and skin the pampering that it needs.

When it comes to haircuts and hair coloring, this is one of the top choices for people in this area. The salon is also known for having an incredibly comfortable vibe, and consistently makes sure that the customers are getting exactly what they had hoped for.

Yunique Hair Studio

Woman with colorful hairstyle wearing a cute headgear.

Yunique Hair Studio is a place that stays true to its name and lets you transform your hair to be as unique as you are. The salon is known for being able to pull off some of the most difficult hair coloring jobs, and also offers some of the best color correction treatments to give your hair the uplifting that it requires.

This salon is also known for the kind of customer service that they offer. The salon tries to pay heed to their customers, and pays close attention to provide them with the perfect color job, every time.

Liz’s Hair Spa & Waxing

A view of a hair spa showcasing its beautiful set up.

Liz’s Hair Spa & Waxing might seem like a quaint establishment on the outside, but it surely is a place that can live up to even the highest of hair salon standards. This salon is known for being one of the friendliest salons in the area and provides some services in hair and skin care.

The salon tries to make sure that every client gets the cut and color that is perfect for their look and personality. There is also an incredibly immense amount of attention paid to the cleanliness and hygiene of this place as well, which is a huge positive when it comes to salons.

Robert Allan Salon & Spa

Modish salon with contemporary style and hardwood floors.

No list that has the top hair salon in Olympia would be complete without a mention of the Robert Allan Salon & Spa. This premier hair and skin destination is one that is widely considered to be one of the more popular establishments in the area. The salon is known for having an incredibly professional approach towards their clients and the work that they do. They are known for offering a good lineup of salon services to make you feel and look good.

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