5 Top Hair Salons in Bellingham, WA

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Check out our very short list of 5 top hair salons in Bellingham. Make it easy to find the right salon and review our list and then check out client feedback (lots of good client feedback).

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Bellingham, Washington is an eclectic and fun area that combines the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a touch of the grunge scene. Everywhere you turn in the main part of town there are interesting dive bars and music venues that are crying out for your attention.

With a population of a little over 89,000, you can see many elements of a metro area with the touches of charm that one has come to associate with ramshackle smaller areas.

If you are looking for the top hair salon in Bellingham, we are here to help with the top 5 hair salons in the area.

Honey Salon

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Honey Salon is a local Green Circle, which is a comprehensive recycling and reuse program that helps to reduce the amount of waste that they generate every year. They are a supporter of the local art walk and feature local artists every season. They provide an array of services for all genders including haircuts, shaves, sugaring, makeup, and wedding support.

Salon Bellissima

Salon Bellissima in Bellingham
Salon Bellissima provides luxury services in a sustainable and natural based environment. They provide full-service pampering and services to their customers, including haircuts, bridal treatments, waxing, and balayage. Their boutique offers affordable and sustainable clothing and locally created accessories. Their services are considered a “local treasure” by those who live in the area.

Plum Hair Studio

Plum Hair Studio in Bellingham

Plum Hair Studio has been open in downtown Bellingham since 22008, offering their clients a relaxed and vibrant space to be pampered. They offer full-service hair services and have a devout following in the local area. Many of their reviews reference their affordable pricing and the fantastic treatment individuals have received. Their staff is well-rounded with a team that has been practicing hair care and treatments for over a decade.

The Velvet Rope

The Velvet Rope Salon Bellingham

The Velvet Rope Hair Studio is a salon that focuses on multicultural and multilingual services to reflect the melting pot that is Bellingham. They are located in downtown Bellingham in an easy to find location that is open late into the evening to pander to their night owl clients. Founded in 2005, this thriving business provides haircuts, styling, and coloring as well as a variety of waxing and chemical services for men, women, and children.

Studio 910 Salon

Studio 910 Salon Bellingham

Founded in 1999, this salon is a bedrock in its community. Their passion and focus are clear in the reviews from their clients and the ways in which they focus on their clientele. Their stylists are focused on offering the best salon experience possible and consider utilizing hair color to best enhance natural beauty as their forte.

They offer a variety of services, including the following: haircuts, hair coloring, hair treatments, makeup application, waxing, and bridal services. They offer specials every month that are designed to ensure that their clients feel welcome and supported. They also focus on the highest quality of products and are specially trained to provide you with the products that you need.

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