15 Fresh Men’s Short Haircuts + Hairstyles (2020 Guide)

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If you want short hair that is easy to style but looks great, look no further than these men’s short haircuts. These are some of the latest trends and most popular short haircuts for men. Adapted for all hair types and fade styles, here are some low maintenance, high style looks for a shorter hair length.

1. Men’s Short Fade Haircut + Side Part


Viroga’s Barber

This is a great looking modern side part haircut for men. Super clean high fade on the sides, with a great short length on the top, combed over to the side.

2. Very Short Haircut For Men

Pat Regan

This buzz, fade with line up combination is one of the most popular short men’s haircuts, especially for black hair. It’s sharp, clean cut and requires no styling at all, just regular barber visits.

3. Men’s Short Messy Haircut + High Fade

Iisakki Nummi

Perfect for guys with thick or coarse hair, this cut has plenty of shape but requires minimal styling.

4. Men’s Short Textured Haircut + High Fade


Agus Barber

The latest men’s hair trends are all about texture and these short spikes fit the bill. Use a matte hair product to separate hair and add volume but don’t pinch the ends together. A low skin fade completes the look.

5. Short Crop Haircut + High Skin Fade


Glenn McGoldrick

The textured crop is one of the top trending haircuts for men, especially in the UK and Europe. We’ll likely be seeing more of it stateside in the new year. This short version features blunt fringe, layering on top, and a high skin fade for a slight undercut look with the disconnect.

6. Buzz Cut + Line Up


Van Campbell

A line up at the hairline adds straight edges that sharpen up any buzz cut. Rock the look with or without a fade at the neckline.

7. Modern Men’s Short Undercut / Crop Haircut


This is a cool men’s short haircut. It is a mix of a short textured crop haircut and an undercut. Sides and back are a bald fade.

8. Stylish Short Haircut For Men


A versatile and stylish short haircut with a high fade.

9. Classic Men’s Short Haircuts – The Crew Cut

Rockstars Barbers & Coffee

A short classic men’s haircut. This is a modern take on the crew cut. Features a high skin fade.

10. Short Haircut For Men With Wavy Hair + Beard


Eddie Rosado

Instead of texture all over, this cool style features longer hair at the hairline spiked up into a modern quiff. This cut could also be combed over for a more formal look or worn loose.

11. The Quiff -> Short Haircut For Thick Hair



Short hair with lots of layering gives hair shape and makes it easy to style. This look is cut to enhance texture with some extra length at the hairline for styling.

12. Spiky Short Haircuts For Men


Nomad Barber LDN

This cool short men’s haircut is as short as it can get and still be styled. Work product into hair with fingers for these modern textured spikes.

13. Short Haircuts For Men With Beards + Curls


Lundon New York

The high and tight is one of the most popular short haircuts. As the name indicates, it’s all about ultra short sides and some length on top. This version features a high-low fade that arcs above the ears and down to the neckline.

14. Short Curly Haircut For Men + Bald Fade


Ryan Cullen

This men’s short haircut for curly hair is just long enough for hair to curl.

15. Men’s Haircut Short Sides + Medium Top

Matt J.

Another cool style for guys with thick hair, this cut is short enough to be easy to wear and long enough for plenty of styling options.

So there you have it 15 great looking short haircuts for men!

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